zonj3 is British singer-songwriter also know as Adam idris. zonj3's music has been played on BBC radio introducing Merseyside.


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Health is wealth stay fit
Arrested, police chase and chaos
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Arrested, police chase and chaos
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police officers obstructing traffics confrontation
the capital of England before London
Arrested, police chase and chaos
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Diane Abbott #westandwithdiane
���������England is finished what are these lads on ����


Track artwork
No Crony
Track artwork
More Moves
Track artwork
I Can Only Learn
Track artwork
Third Eye
Track artwork
Turf U
Track artwork
400 Years
Track artwork
Major D B
Track artwork
Land Of Kush
Track artwork
Adam Idris - Power Hungry
Track artwork
Adam Idris - A Bit More
Track artwork
Zonj3 - You I Crave
Track artwork
Adam Idris - I'm Incarcerated
Track artwork
Adam Idris - Type Of N#gga


Health is wealth stay fit
Arrested, police chase and chaos
Arrested, police chase and chaos
Arrested, police chase and chaos
the capital of England before London
police officers obstructing traffics confrontation
���������England is finished what are these lads on ����
Diane Abbott #westandwithdiane
Why do you need a house wife?
Guess the country flags
whats your purpose in life
�����is he correct
Can you name famous black british ?
Guess the country flags
Guess the flags
Guess The Flags And Name The Country
Guess the flags
Guess the flags
busy and crowded
What's your biggest fight and win in life?
how many styles can you do?
General knowledge
Do you believe on thrid eye stuff
Always busy in soho london
What's a female goat called? � � �����
What does AM Or Pm Stand for?
What's AM or Pm stand for? did you know it
What's a female goat called? � � �����
What's your biggest Fear?
Message to Your
What Would You Do?
Where is your English Accent from?
Hard lesson life taught
get to see london vlog
don't let romance die
shepherd's bush station
How do British People respond differently to the sound of foreign music
Police officer harassing me
Police officer chewing Gum and refused to give his name
What's reasonable force for someone in handcuffs?
London Adgware Road #foryou
Metropolitan police parked in double yellow lines illegally
answer this question police officer
Westminster Bridge
Nelson Mandela Statue in Parliament Square
Westminster london
Westminster Pier London
You can't park here police officers
Metropolitan police officers illegally parked in double yellow line
Police Uk on Tresspassing public buildings
Stratford Westfield
healthy protein
12 September 2023
things to do in london
things to do in London Acton
things to do in London
Things to Do in England
Things to do in London ��
Things to do in London
thing to do in london
things to do in london
Thai food london
Buckingham Palace London ��❤️❤️�������
Buckingham Palace ❤️❤️��
moment in Victoria
5 September 2023
Duke of York Square
clam down officers
5 September 2023
5 September 2023
5 September 2023
Chaos police warnings don't move
Back to London
Westfield shepherd's Bush
secret LDN
!!!!!!!!! ����
Chaos Police
White City Bus � ❤️❤️��������
White City ���������❤️❤️❤️
2 September 2023
public Subway london
simply amazing
three wheeler Rickshaw trafalgar Square
shepherd's Bush Station
28 August 2023
Nottinghill Gate at night
28 August 2023
28 August 2023
28 August 2023
Nottinghill Carnival
28 August 2023
Nottinghill carnival
Nottinghill carnival
Nottinghill Carnival
28 August 2023
28 August 2023
movie at the Nottinghill carnival 2023
Nottinghill carnival
28 August 2023
wow � �
this one is ❤️
Cruise � on the river thames
Architecture of london
27 August 2023
taxi bike piccadilly
come back to London
London South Bank
26 August 2023
��❤️❤️ London
�� Embankment London❤️
Stamford Bridge Chelsea Stadium ����������
No drama just vibe
I came across Brazilians
Travel with me through my life
Who doesn't love underground stations at sunset
Leicester Square London
London views Leicester square
Back-flips masters
An acrobat performer in london
Piccadilly circus tour bus �
dark and nice Soho pretty women
Day 1
#foryou #fypシ #massage #youtubeshort #soho #london #viralvideo vira
Three wheeler in Piccadilly
Soho district london at night
soho massage district walkers court
Piccadilly at night
Fulham Broadway station
North End Road Market Hammersmith
Peace pagoda battersea london
so many mansions in Battersea london
Nottinghill carnival 2023
Ban Drill Music?
Hammersmith Station
Ravenscourt Park hammersmith west london
women's football is better than men's football
Uk Prison life
Chess game while homeless, love is big
on my way dear
early morning Westfield
white city on a night be like
Man city fans v Liverpool fans #fypシ
chilling with Irish lovely people #foryou
Two types of thieves? #foryou
She be like
Fashion at peace pagoda london
Westfield shepherd's Bush
Sloane Square hot � in summer
Water Be Like
Carnival outfits ideas
Dugouts Arsenal Message
Beautiful women in late night soho london
Jump dance
busy night life #foryou #fypシ #nightlife
Soho Massage district
Friday night Soho London
Soho, london
Soho, London Red light district
Red light districts, soho london
Peace Pagoda london battersea
mansions in soudan Road, battersea london
Battersea london
Expensive mansions in Kassala Road Battersea, london
Magical summer scenery
Amazing time, Sloane Square ,central London
Sloane Square Station underground
Hammersmith Local market lyric Square
Carnival is back 2023
Quite time by the thames
Which Police siren is professional ?
4 Types of Police Sirens �
Go get them
The Weekend Be Like Police siren �in England
travelling on a rush hour be like
Capture the moment from Lambeth Bridge
this is little Africa Peckham, England ��
can you get it right?
most underrated borough Lambeth. this is England ��
Having American Experience in Nine Elm
Classic Embassy Of America London
Ghetto or Nah
Chill out time with your feet up
Carnival queens shake it
Classic London Victoria 2
Apollo Victoria #travel
Classic London Victoria
Peckham rye station
Putney, South London High Street
Putney, South London Lower Richmond, this is England ��
Seven sisters , Islington, this is England ��
Expensive Houses in Darfur Street , Putney South London. This is England
Red Light districts | Soho, London
Get to Fulham Palace road, this is England
Red light districts | Soho , London Rupert Road. This is England ��
I went to Islington holloway, and seven sisters Road, this is England ��
Hidden Secret ! I went to Arsenal Emirates stadium what is really inside it tour. England ��
Arsenal Emirates stadium, Hornsey Road
Haggerston Stone Bridge Garden , This is England ��
Hackney Ridley market at Dalston
my great tour to Fulham stadium west london
IQ Test Solve This riddle
cant try better than this one got healthy sea food
hotel checks premier inn hammersmith
Tried a Vegan burger in Oxbridge road shepherds bush
Homicide Paper (audio)
what's this really ? get to see king street hammersmith and fullham on a night
Police Found Nothing I got racially Profiled stop and Search
not much around Shepherds bush road just motorcycles
Had a cheap Delicious food in Chinese buffet central London
I'm surprised you know about the British museum
Culture of London
Chinese New Year Festival Trafalgar Square 2023 Rabbit Year
Bayswater, Notting hill gate Hyde park and holland park walking through
Leicester square little market London
Loughborough road reggae clubs back in the day Angell State Brixton Lambeth good place
Piccadilly circus at night
Tried Vegan Singaporeans, Malaysian Food in China Town Central London Rasa Sayang restaurant
Nubia Sudan And Egypt British museum
Piccadilly circus 2023 vlog walking
Just Chilling by the river Thames Hammersmith bridge
Slums in Brixton or Nah, you the Judge !!! This is England ��
I went To Brixton London
Soho London 2023
I Went To South Africa Road In West London and Loftus Road Stadium Queen's Park Rangers
Party hard or go home vibe with pretty ladies London carnival
Soho street Market Central London Berwick street
World cup in Qatar public opinions London
Ngozi Fulani line of questions public opinions London asking Australians
Alcohol Drinking Issues In Qatar World Cup?
World Cup In Qatar Cmw News Reporter
Local Market Hammersmith
What Do You Think Of The World Cup In Qatar 2022
Rainy day in Hammersmith King Street vlog
Train ride Victoria line, Brixton, Oxford circus London vlog
China Town Central London Night Life
Chilling Out At The Royal Parks Kensington Hyde park Central London Vlog
This Morning Queen Caroline Street Riverside Studio And Hammersmith Bridge by The River Thames
ZONJJY - Got That Spark Me Say (Official music Video) Prod By SIEMO
How to nominated or become a Councillor in England
Euston Station London Inside And Outside Real Local And Tourist Travel Guides
Speakers Corner Vlog Just Having Fun
Biggest Shopping Mall In Europe Westfield London Halloween 2022
Do You Wanna A Job Then Get On It
Train Ride Around West, East And Central London Just Getting lost About
I Have Had To Get Out Of Liverpool To Scape Racism And Harsh Treatment.
So This Shepherd's Bush Market In Diverse Black Britain West London
I tried South Asian North indians food strictly Vegan Restaurant Manchester
Tongue Twister Challenge
I Went To Primrose Drive/ Court Area In Huyton Liverpool England Housing Estate.
Huyton | Being black Vlog I went to McGoldrick Park Where They Murdered Anthony Walker.
Huyton | Being Black Vlog so You Aint Going There Why? 2022
Aintree Business Park vlog 2022
Maghull | Central Square Where Should I Start Bro It looks posh Or Nah Vlog
Bolton | Life is a Journey, isn't it?
Aintree | Village, Racecourse and Aintree Business Hub Where I Used To work Vlog
Walton Vale Real Local Area HMP Walton Rice Lane And That Vlog, Would You Go
Toxteth Liverpool multicultural lifestyle the story behind Welsh streets some derelict area Vlog
London Road, Liverpool where You Find Students Multicultural lifestyle. this is England ��
Toxteth Lodge Lane On Night Times Vlog Liverpool Multicultural Lifestyle 2022
ZONJJY - Ooff (MUSIC VIDEO) Prod By Maniac Beat
Zonjjy - Got That Spark me say (music video)
London Walk & Talk | Police chat palace court cafes, Hyde park and Notting Hill gate area Vlog
London Walk & Talk | Busy Oxford Street On Saturday Dancers Black Cab Taxis And Dramas
Listen Don't Let Technology And the Internet Use You , You should use it to Your Advantage
Baker Street London Walk 2022 Strange things on summer Vlog
This is London's red light districts models display on phone box outside Euston station wow vlog
They broke in my Flat wanna kill me But Merseyside Police Interrogating Me Instead Of The Criminal.
What The Media Don't Show You Side Of London Black Culture.
Hotels Kensington Night Party With French Family Get To Know About Guadeloupe Vlog.
The Royal exchange Where King Charles iii Proclamation The City Of London Vlog
Shower You Notting Hill Carnival 2022
The Moment I Ran Into Crazy Floats Top Class dance gals Party Police Notting Hill Carnival 2022
They Broke Into My Flat Tried To Kill Me And Do Me Harm Because I am Black I Help People.
9 Million People �� Notting Hill Carnival 2022 4K Drone Footage London part 2.
Extremely Carnival 2022 Notting Hill London British Culture
A Simple British Working Class Person Charity Shop Clothing And Eating Cheap.
Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Everyone and All ethnicities was There This is London Scene Vlog
Surprised ! Friendly Londoners and Carnival revellers at Notting Hill 2022 Media lies don't believe
Daggering Twerking & wine Girls At Number One Carnival in the world Notting Hill 2022 London vlog
Trying street foods at Notting Hill Carnival 2022 sheesh vlog chat friendly Revellers Stunning
Notting Hill Carnival 2022 vlog Feels Like an Armageddon day Ladbroke grove London
Walk About in Liverpool Lime Street Station Get To Know It
Daggering Twerking & Wine Girls at Number One Carnival In The World Notting Hill 2022 Vlog Sheesh.
Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Vlog final Round of party dancing and vibe at Ladbroke Grove
Daggering Twerking & Wine Girls at NottingHill 2023
Carnival 2022 Vlog Kensington Road, Portobello Road Chit chat With Friendly Londoners Street Food
Pretty Gals Daggering and Broke Back at Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Don't Miss this day 2 Vlog
Pretty girls Lovely People Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Day 2 Action talks Ladbroke Grove Djs Turn up.
British Culture Notting Hill Carnival 2022 More Than 3 Million People in day two Blog
British culture Notting hill carnival 2022 vibes vlog Portobello market chit chat
Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Portobello Road Market Walk and vibes
�� Portobello Market Road Busiest Time ever during Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Vlog
�� Notting Hill Carnival 2022 Portobello Road market British culture 27th of August Saturday Blog
Nottinghill Carnival 2023 Portobello Road market
tongue twisters challenge with Zonjjy liverpool part 2
Tongue twister challenge with Zenji Zonjjy For quick thinkers funny one part 1
Riddle solved By Smart people, you should try it most people got it wrong
Moss side Manchester Carnival 2022 Alexandra park street party blogs
Moss side Manchester carnival 2022 revellers and locals street party hard blog
Moss side Manchester carnival 2022 Alexandra park blog revellers and local chit chat
Moss side Manchester Carnival 2022 blog, locals and revellers chit chat
Moss side Manchester carnival Alexandra park best place to be multicultural Britain 2022 Fun
sent for me for no reason inside the police station sort this problem
Zonjjy - Sent For Me (Official Music video)
Tongue Twister Challenge with zonjjy try it train your brain for quick thinking
Tongue Twister Challenge with zonjjy try it train your brain for quick thinking part 3
Are you quick thinker say this phrase in 30 seconds tongue twister challenge
one of them night
Funny Tongue Twister
what do you prefer restaurant or clubbing? and name English words of African origin
Say this phrase in 30 seconds train your brain for quick thinkings part 4
Zonjjy - Sent for me (music video) out soon
Name something has head never cries and bed never sleeps. solve this riddle
I'm tall when I'm young and short when I'm old what am I? solve this riddle
Name something got a head never weeps and a bed never sleeps solve this riddle IQ test
Solve this riddle for detectives, police and people with High IQ Test
Get to know about me journey through the liverpool museum im shocked
Zonjjy - Blaxit ( audio) Prod By DefBeats
Has Drill Music And Grime Music got bad influence on Young People?
Why My English Passport has French words on it Brexit please Learn
what really Good women want?
I went to Rusholme where multicultural Britain thrives Wilmslow Road, Curry Mile Manchester blog
You won't believe this happened to me in Bury new Road Cheetham hill Blackley Manchester good or Bad
How to spot a CHIS Police undercover police, informant in the uk Aka the spy cops bill
I went to oxford road Manchester home to popular universities for foreign students museum, cafes etc
I went to Bury New Road most diverse British asians black area Manchester good or bad you tell?
Manchester City Won The Premier League 2022
Most diverse popular area for students in Liverpool city Myrtle st, hope street philharmonic
Racism And Race In England
Midnight down town Manchester city centre better believe it
Respect or Love night in Liverpool asking people questions blog
The black moor native north african who taught Marcus garvey in UK Duse Ali
Top Market Place to visit in England United kingdom Granby market Toxteth Liverpool 2022
Did You Know workplace Mobbing?
is this UK worst ghost estate, shouldnt it the people in that area deserve better? you tell me
Most diverse area Walton Breck Road Liverpool fc stadium you wont believe it. is it uk worse area?
Did You Know
Did You Know 10 downing street United kingdom was named After An Irish man
I went to Walton Liverpool County Road Walton means Foreigner by the Anglo Saxon is it diverse Area?
I went to Everton area goodison Park and houses around it Nice or No? you tell
Ethiopia was colonised and still is here is the Proof
I went to Breck Road they say Most deprived street in the Country Liverpool Anfield Stadium true Nah
Manchester Travel Blog Exploring the Night Life and Clubs Culture
Respect or love, interview with A Youtuber Zac @ZacJonesYouTube
I went to Norris Green Liverpool they say most dangerous gangs and poverty, You tell me?
Get back to your own roots and emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
What To Do If You Got Stopped By The Police In England
Livery Company and its impact on the Black moors economy Aka Black British people in England
Is The UK Heading To A Caste System Society?
My Views on Legal aid and should you apply for it in England.
All thoroughbred horses in England originated from Nubia aka sudan not Arabia (Grand national)
Tips and advice for those who got court / tribunal claims in The UK , listen carefully people
Racegoers queue up by the thousands Liverpool Central to Aintree racecourse you won't believe it
Liverpool Mathew streets travel nightclubs, bars Victoria street nightlife culture best believe it
Born on benefits, family born on benefits why are you scared of Losing
Liverpool Mathew street, Victoria street nightclubs nightlife culture best believe it
Will Smith slap Chris Rock - Asking British Publics about The Smack and is it an assault ABH?
London Bridge tower at night time walk through
I went to Clacton on sea, Clacton Pier, sandy beaches and that in Essex day in a life time
I went to Clacton on sea, Essex Marine Parade good or bad?
How Streets Get Their Names?
Respect your mothers properly dont just do it in mother's day and For clout
I went to Frinton on Sea, Essex Walk through the Beach
Our Creative Minds on Cinema/film And Movies top boy is limited in our community mentally enslaved.
In Essex Colchester and Frinton on sea for a Video shoot the weather was very hot travel blog
Multicultural conversation the Irish and the african presences in Liverpool.
I went to Preston Lancashire small town with good diversity
Would you take a Ukrainian refugee in your house.(asking the public) p (1)
Good man with heart or an Ugly man with money (asking the public) p1
Modern slavery in around the world and the middle east Kafala System
I went to the city of London, the stock exchange, new gate street and St Paul's cathedral
Interview with the police failed , night culture Liverpool
Will She/he/they make a good prime minister
Multicultural London walk through dock road, Aldgate east, city of london on a night time
Preventions and the ripple effects with spicstar
Manchester streets travel blog night life walk through Deansgate night clubs
Manchester travel nightlife walk through, streets, Jerusalem place, Deansgate party culture etc
Why are Corruptions in the ghetto?
Walk around the city of London the bridge tower at night time
THE ROYAL EXCHANGE KING Charles III Proclamation The CITY OF London Aldgate high street Vlog
Multicultural London city dock road, Hooper square and East Smithfield street
Get To See The River Thames, The tower of London and Tower Hill, Boat Party Area Vlog
The City of London Walk around, Minories , America square and Whitechapel building and more
Black Native Berber Activists in north Africa Tunisia
I went to moss side Manchester great western street most diverse black British area good or bad!
I went to the most diverse black British area in Manchester, moss side Princess Road, good or bad
How do you find the Culture in liverpool Asking random questions Liverpool nightlife @xkueen
History of London - the black poor blackmoor and the origin of the cockney accent.
Black berbers Sanhaja/zanj people of north africa who founded the city of Mequinenza in Spain
Working hard or working smart asking the public in Liverpool nightlife
Which types of racism is worse covert racism or overt racism? Liverpool nightlife
The origin of Valentine's day
Black British moor soldiers who won the second world war.
British Sudanese soldiers who won the second world war Ww2 north africa
Who are the most Dangerous enemies to your success
Uk Roadmans Listen Hmp prisons are slavery plantations here is why?
You dont wann be known for shit
Debate about African British history
Name 4 English words of african Origin
Liverpool Night life Fun, Madness and Love
Would You Prefer a restaurant or a nightclub on a night out Liverpool concert square.
Black eunuch nubian leader- the nubian incursions in north africa sudan, Syria middle east history.
Black americans Ancestry DNA is from north Africa not west Africa here is the truth
Habesh Eyalet Aka Sudan egypt and Saudia Arabia History ottoman rules in north east africa
Toxteth L8 - Conversation with a liverpool community younger about Race and equality
trust me
Liverpool Train station lime street
Facts about the New Year You celebrate 2022.
Zonjjy - Trust me (Official Music Video)
World War Three By 2023, Treaty Of lausanne, Sudanese Bashi Bazouk,Turks, bosphorus, russia Ukraine
Top 7 or 8 things you should know about UK Prisons
Group objective and group interests is missing in our community thats why we are still slaves
First Three Egyptian presidents were Sudanese by blood and heritage when Egypt got its independence.
lets campaign to protect people with O negative blood type they are the blood banks of humanity
Ethiopia war fake news tribalism, Tariku it is time to come together africa united kingdom real news
Quote about working smart and development of people @zonjjy
Zonjjy - Peace & Love (Music Video)
Work smart or Work hard here is the answer 2022
Nothing wrong of being homeless system is working against you, being lazy is the epitome of Failure
Zonjjy - kandake (audio)
Message to conscious and unconscious community unlearn and relearn what you know about things
North African Arabic language has more than 1500 words of Turkish origin or ottoman empire origin
the first white house is not in america, it is Casablanca in Morocco north Africa .Dar-al Baida,
Lloyds bank staff manager being racist refused me service called the police on me,waste of resources
asking the public if they know english words of african origin, dating and liverpool nightlife .
Halloween Quiz can british people name four english words of african origin. nightlife liverpool
The moors - Greek people got the word moor/mavros from Meroe or the meroitic people of africa
Things Rastafarians people should know
Language classification in Africa is mainly political why no Hamitic language only semitic ones
North Africa Algeria, libya,etc explaining the term Kouloughlis sons of African women and Janissary
how to identify a race hustler from a real activist.
Manchester walk from train station oxford road, Portland street to piccadilly Garden
walk around Manchester piccadilly garden st Peter's square bank of china and more nice thing to see
Things you should be aware of just in case you got your Nigga wake up call
Libya's war on native black people, I urge human rights do something slavery started in north africa
post man tellin me nonsense liverpool Royal mail has not delivered his passport document arguement
Walk Around Toxteth African Caribbean Centre jamaica house and mulgrave road multculture liverpool.
Walking Around Toxteth liverpool At Night Time is it Safe Or Dangerous place to visit? you the judge
black history - wales made the teaching of black history mandatory in schools curriculum good or bad
black history month is segregationist organizations see it as profitmaker put our history in schools
Black britain abolitionist of the north of England Salim Charles wilson the son of a dinka chief
Brexit - diesel shortage, bonfire will be less fireworks for the kids this yr due to imports holdups
Black native of the middle east the Zanj rebellion in Iraq, oman, yemen,Lebanon etc slavery history
Trust- is not found and rare where i live it's all about money, gold diamonds and materials now days
Brexit - Knowlodge is power and ignorance is dead flower. Remainers remain at home during covid19
Ancient Egyptian,meroitic language still spoken by Masalit, dinka, fur, all nubian people in sudan
Slavery horrendous Facts 2021
black families conversation single mothers/ fathers issue, slavery,poverty racism, or is it systemic
Why black families separated, message to single mothers fathers, is poverty the main issue or racism
is cheating always a #cheating in a relationship? it depends where you from in the world.dating tips
They Only Love You When You Hate Your People
Black soldier a hero of the ww1 Nicknamed the black death Henry Johnson of Harlem hellfighters
Pasha or basha is Turkish persians word not arabic it comes from the word Shah and Ba means master
Kizlar Agha the history of the Chief black Nubian eunuch guard of the imperial Harem of the ottoman
the dark / bad side of signing a record deal in the music industry you got trapped fam, it is evil
Zonjjy - Cold blooded (Official Music video) ft. Xkueen
Representation of black female models in the modeling industry. part 2
Representation of black british female models in the modeling industry. (part 1)
understand the difference between people in powerful positions and people in positions of power
Zonjjy - Against the Time (official music video)
zonjjy - your concern ( snipet)
Zonjjy - Your Concern (Music Video)
Can British people Name four English words of african origin
England Wins We proud, England Lose We black monkey, this abuse got to stop, we are one race.
The story of a human zoo a horror story of Ota Benga in America The Bronx zoo
You should champion the intelligents in your community and those who got new things to offer
dont listen to black entertainers who dont speak up they shouldn't be your role models of equality
Zonjjy - Chat Facts (Official Music Video) Prod By Blackondabeat
Can British people name African countries or capital cities in Africa
no such thing as people from sub- saharan africa, africa is genetically connected and related
Word of wisdom and life advise Zonjjy
Why black women are the least likely to get married in the Uk
Intellectual discussion truth no filter conformists gotta breakaway the fears to achieve their goals
Learn about The Word Black habeshas in Hindi and its Relation to the hindu goddesses Kali, Krishna.
St Luke's church history of liverpool, (the bombed out church) learn about it family.
My ancestry DNA test/results so I am 100% north african, 1% European!!!!!!!! shocking information.
Group economics is the best way to get rid of the poverty mindsets.
Intellectual discussion truth no filter - co dependency, relationship and the law of attraction
most diverse area smithdown road in wavertree liverpool street view, local shops and cuisines
Intellectual discussion truth no filter- Tell your own story don't let someone else tell it
Intellectual discussion truth no filter- Auditioning with agencies do not settle for less
Intellectual discussion truth no filter- do men know what kind of women they want to,
Intellectual discussion truth no filter- sexual abuses, lies and taking advantage of women, datings.
Intellectual discussion truth no filter- society fail you, cosmetic enhancement to get big lips
intellectual discussion truth no filter - The meaning of Queen B
Intellectual discussion truth no filter - Creativity is simplicity and now it is the time for it
I went to the most diverse, black, white, asians and Romas area Holt road Kensington Liverpool? good
Intellectual discussion truth no filter - Why do black women wear wigs !!!!!
North Africa - history of Tunisia , black Tunisians, black berbers activists
Nigeria as a word is the creation of Flora Shaw British Journalist
Can black people be racist? episode 1
Do you think is worth it go to university to study music/ music production and management
Zonjjy - Oneness (Music Video) Prod By Mason x Beat
Zonjjy - Watch em like a clock (Music Video) Prod By Dmac
Ancient Black Sudanese/egypt Leader St Maurice has cities on his name in Switzerland,France Germany.
Afro Turks, black people history and the story of Bashi Bazouk soldiers in the ottoman empire
Zonjjy - No Clanz (music video) Prod By Itchy
Black guy went to Liverpool most diverse Area, Anfield Stadium,Walton breck Road, walton lane
First Black guy touring outside Anfield stadium, the frontier and backstreet of Anfield (part 1)
Skin Bleaching is common around men, women and Self loathing play main part in racism and colorism.
Ham's redemption, ethnic cleansing eugenics and colour shifts of black Latin Americans
Zonjjy - on my plan
Zonjjy - Soulmate (Music Video), Prod By RC Beats
african students must see this before you study abroad.
Black native yemeni history, they call them the untouchable (Al Akhdam) many languages are in yemen
Zonjjy - Big Mansion in Africa (Music Video) Prod by SJ Beats
Ras or Rasta is a word of an arabic origin, learn how did it come about? rastafari
black is originally an arabic word, specifically when you refer to someone as black, here is how.
Slave Traders / slave owners of liverpool have streets named after them wowww
the city of London is not part of London and it is older than the formation of the united kingdom
I went to the most diverse black area in Toxteth Liverpool, Granby, lodge lane, good, bad? you tell!
I went to Liverpool universities to have a look around, here is what I found, you should see
do you wanna be an asset rich or a paper money rich?
I went to the most diverse black area Princes Road,Toxteth, upper parliament st, Anglican cathedral
Liverpool One, Lord street, church street, Paradise Street real street view walk around
walking around Liverpool ChinaTown , St Luke Church and bold street, real streets view || zonjy
Liverpool city centre streets at night tour
European refugees and refugee camps in British Africa during the WW2 (history topic) || zonjy
Tokenism in our community or any other community is toxic and dangerous people shouldn't practice it
Nepotism and Cronyism are harmful to society.
the word moors/mor etymology came from the Greek word Μαύρος which means black
North africa - history of Morocco and the origin of the word Moors is From the Greek word mávros.
How Many Spoken Languages are In United kingdom.
An african emperor in roman britain (septimius severus) history topic.
Preference means prejudice ! stop saying you only date a certain color || zonjy
Gibraltar is an arabic word (history topic)
Zonjjy & Nika Bee - No One Ever (Music Video)
human's skin colors
north african - sudan history and why it called land of the black (sudan means black)
Zonjjy - Too Much (Music Video)
Jamaica is an arabic word from the moorish kingdom of spain.(the maroons)
the difference between a good woman and a bad woman.
the difference between a real black/brown man and A N*gga
does speaking one language lead to nationalism ?
Melanin has a lot of benefits stop bleaching your skin
Why many people dont get along with people who arent in their group.
People with O negative blood type is the most wanted
International dance category that are of an afro latin american origin
The origin of the coffee beans and how it got into Europe
Excuses you make that show you are hiding behind your fears
The origin of tea and how it was introduced into Europe
Mental Slavery (spoken words)
Signs that she/he thirst trapping (be warry of thirst trapper)
Exchange of craft and ideas is the real bag, stop chasing stupidity
the difference between poor and rich people (bussiness acumen strategy) #talkshow
Unilever, the lever brothers company and its link to the slavery and plantations in west africa
Does Having Sex Mean Love?
5 biggest influential media outlets you get your information from including google.
why are some black relationship complicated and a failure? @Zonjy
what is a Social programming? @Zonjy
Nika Bee Ft. Zonj3 & Drip Gawd - Colony of God (Music Video)
Zonj3 - Shun That (Music Video). Ft, Drip Gawd. Prod By TR The Producer
Zonjjy my youtube update
Zonj3 freestyle
Zonj3 In the studio recording
Zonj3 is working on new project (guap up)
Zonj3 should I release music on YouTube throughout this social distancing Or should I wait after it
Zonj3 sings
don't catch corona through the hotline bling (just little comedy) || zonjjy
Zonj3 - mandem on the rampage, The UK lockdown is real, stay home #stayhome #withme #storytime
Zonj3 - Coronavirus freestyle (Everyday I love my life)#withme #stayhome #freestyle
Zonjjy - No Rival (Music Video) prod by Heavy keyz
Zonj3 - ain't a gangland (Music Video)
Zonj3 - extra (freestyle) part 3
Zonj3 - positive grime (freestyle)
Drip Gawd Ft Zonj3 - How We Rule (Music Video)
Zonj3 - Summer Scene , prod by pdub the producer
Zonj3 - aimless
Zonjjy - ain't callous, Prod By Pdub
Zonj3 - first class
Zonj3 - Bad woman
Zonj3 - Find my way , prod by pdub the producer
Zonjjy - I'm done , Prod By Pdub
Zonj3 - Climax
Zonj3 - an aesthete
Zonj3 ft Drip Gawd - How we rule
Zonjjy - No Crony
Zonjjy - Third Eye
Zonj3 - I can only Learn. Prod By Pdub
Zonj3 - Life is a qualm
Zonj3 - More Moves
Zonj3 - Turf You
Zonj3 - 400 Years
Zonj3 - Land Of Kush
Zonj3 - Major D B
Zonj3 - 400 years ft Drip Gawd
Zonjjy - Land Of Kush (full mixtape)
Zonj3 ft Drip Gawd - 400 Years (Music Video)
Zonjjy - Like Sushi (Official Music Video)
Zonj3 - You I Crave (Audio) Lyrics
AdamIdrisVEVO Live Stream
Adam Idris - Break Through
Adam Idris - Count on me
Adam Idris - I'm Incarcerated
Adam Idris - Count On Me
Zonjjy - A Bit More (Official Video) Prod. By OGE BEATS
Adamjlss - I'm incarcerated (audio) Lyrics
Akala at Africa oye
Dadda Ashanti performs more love at Liverpool the club
Dadda Ashanti - More Love (Music Video)
Adamjlss - IOTM
The Grime of the Earth Event at Liverpool Kitchen Street (Video HD)
The Grime of the Earth Event at Liverpool Kitchen Street (Video HD)
Oscar Kaplata - Nakupenda (Music video) Dancehall
Natti & Dadda Shanti - Walk With Me (Music Video)
Free Beat Prod by Hiphop


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