Music In Africa Board Members

The affairs of the Music In Africa Foundation are governed by a Board of Management constituted of individuals and representatives of organisations and businesses active in the field of music in Africa. These are the current Board members:

Yusuf Mahmoud was born in the UK, where between 1980 – 1990s he directed world music festivals, concerts and seminars, to raise awareness, promote...Read more

In the last ten years Ms. Ongala has been working closely with artists, creatives, cultural practitioners, NGOs and governments, establishing and...Read more

Jens Cording is a certified music teacher; the violin was his first instrument. He has played in various orchestras and ensembles, and also worked...Read more

Mr. Kiwewa is the founding director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation. Together with a skilful team, he has worked on many projects to transform the...Read more

Adé Bantu is a Nigerian-German musician, producer and social activist. He is best known as the front man of the 13-piece band BANTU and creator of...Read more

Carolin Christgau is the Head of Culture & Development at Goethe-Institut Johannesburg.

Christgau studied a Bachelor in Culture and...Read more