Can I sync any kind of external media with my Music In Africa profile?

At the moment, our users can only sync media from their Soundcloud, Deezer and YouTube accounts.

Does Music In Africa sell music or offer downloads?

No. Music In Africa does not sell music or offer any music downloading services – we do not deal with music files. However, we sync and host audio and video streaming from reputable third-party sites. With the help of this functionality, you can find and listen to music that already exists elsewhere on the web.

How do I become a member of the Music In Africa Foundation?


We are currently adding a feature to this website that will allow users to apply online for membership. In the interim, all membership inquiries can be sent to info@musicinafrica.net. Note that this is with regards to becoming a member of the Music In Africa Foundation and not a regular member or user of the portal.

How do I claim a profile?

When creating your new account, you may find that your profile has already been added by a Music In Africa contributor. We highly recommend that you claim an existing profile instead of creating a new one.  Once a claim is approved you will have all the privileges to change it as you wish. Profile claims are processed within 24 hours.

How do I contribute content?


Knowledgeable individuals or businesses are welcome to contribute content with Music In Africa. You will first need to create a contributor’s profile and contact us on content.en@musicinafrica.net if you’d like to submit an article to be published. If your content adheres to our editorial policy, we will gladly publish your article across the portal’s main sections: Magazine, Artist & Industry, Resources or Education.

How do I put my music on Music In Africa?


First you need to have your music on legitimate music digital platforms that are intergrated on Music In Africa. Currently these are (Soundcloud, Deezer andYouTube). On Music In Africa all you will need to do is put URLs to these accounts and Music In Africa will automatically sync your content on those platforms onto Music In Africa.

How does Music In Africa recommend tracks for me?

When you are logged in, Music In Africa will recommend tracks to listen to. This is based on the preferences you set in your account. To change this, simply navigate to the page and set your preferences to your liking.

How long does it take Music In Africa to moderate my account?

We strive to publish profiles within 24 hours after their creation. If your profile is not published within this period, please contact us on info@musicinafrica.net.

I am not a music professional – is this portal for me?

Yes. Music In Africa is for everyone interested or operating in the African music sector. Whether you’re a musician, sound engineer, event organiser, someone who’s thinking of getting into music or just a fan, Music In Africa is the continent’s ultimate music portal.

I can’t sync my Soundcloud or Deezer account.

If this happens check that the URL you are adding is correct. Also check that your Soundcloud account is set up to allow your music to be embedded on third-party websites. You have to log into your Soundcloud account to do this.

I do not want to Sync everything from my Soundcloud /Deezer account.

No worries, you can unpublish all the tracks that you do not want to play on Music In Africa. To do this, log in , go to your music page.You will see a “lock” icon on all your synced content. If the lock is open that track is published on Music In Arfrica. To unpublish just click on the clock and make sure it is locked.

I have created my account but it’s still not published?

The Music In Africa editorial team moderates all user-generated content, including profiles in the interest of maintaining a reliable, pragmatic platform.

I would like to get involved in Music In Africa – how can I do so?

Contact us on info@musicinafrica.net. We welcome all who believe in our initiative –journalists, musicians, sound engineers, musicologists, cultural managers, event organisers, media houses, IT specialists, teachers and broadcasters. Basically everyone!


Is Music In Africa a commercial enterprise?


No. Music In Africa is a non-profit organisation.

I’ve spotted an error on the site – how can I correct it?

Simply go to the Contact Us page and send us your feedback.

What are the benefits of creating a profile?

An up-to-date profile provides many opportunities. Musicians and professionals working in the African music sector are able to connect with the rest of the continent and tap into a rapidly growing market throughout the globe, as well as discover and listen to new music. If you’re a musician, you can sync all your music and events with your Music In Africa profile, which gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences. We also offer real-time stats and the functionality to turn your Music In Africa profile into a printable Electronic Press Kit (EPK). A Music In Africa profile is also a great way to build a fan

What is a profile?

Music In Africa allows people from all walks of life to create profiles about themselves or their music-related businesses, for free.

What should I include in my profile?

All the important information about your work such as stage or business name, contact details, location, type of service or products you provide, a recent biography, pictures, social media links as well as audio and video.

Which countries does Music In Africa cover?

Music In Africa has five strategically placed offices across Africa: Senegal, Nigeria, DRC, South Africa and Kenya. The portal currently covers 33 out of 54 African countries with the aim to expand into North Africa in the next few years. However, the portal will always disseminate information that is relevant for the whole continent and the diaspora.

Who owns the Music In Africa portal?


Music In Africa is owned and governed by the Music In Africa Foundation – a pan-African non-profit organisation. The foundation was formed in Kenya in July 2013 and officially registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) in South Africa in February 2014.

Who should create a profile?

Everyone who is operating in the African music sector is welcome – from musicians to record labels, retailers, educators, entertainment lawyers, collecting societies, etc. If you feel this portal does not cover your area of expertise, please let us know via email: info@musicinafrica.net

Acces Conference

Are there any opportunities for me to perform?

Yes, every year ACCES provides showcasing opportunities to emerging African artists. The call is now closed for 2021. Please check this website again in 2022.

How can I book for an exhibition space?

Throughout the event, ACCES provides an exhibition hub, where local and international delegates connect and feature their products and services. 
Registrations are open to book a stand at ACCES 2021. You can also take advantage of our unique pitch sessions, which give you an opportunity to present your products and services in front of an audience. Please send an enquiry e-mail to projects@musicinafrica.net

How can I contact the ACCES organizers?

Please send an email to projects@musicinafrica.net for any questions or inquiries.

How do I find out who is speaking and performing at ACCES 2021?

The programme is published on the ACCES website. Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

I am not able to attend the event in person, can I join online?

The conference  and music showcases will be live-streamed on the Music In Africa and partnering online platforms.

What COVID-19 regulations will apply at the event?

Health and safety is a top priority for ACCES 2021. To ensure a safe environment for everyone attending ACCES 2021, proof of vaccination or a valid negative COVID-19 test will be required to participate. Wearing of masks shall also be mandatory in certain spaces in line with rules prescribed by the government.  Should this change you will be notified accordingly (that is if you register to attend ACCES).

When should I register?

Registrations for ACCES 2021 are now open on a first come first served basis.

Where do I pick up my ACCES pass, badges etc.?

There will be an on-site registration desk where all registered delegates will receive their ACCES pass and other materials for use at the event against their unique PIN code (provided with the registration confirmation email). 

Where is ACCES happening in the coming years?

ACCES 2022 will take place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Who needs to register?

Registration is for all delegates to attend ACCES in person, in Johannesburg. Should you not be able to attend, the conference  and music showcases will be live-streamed on the Music In Africa and partnering online platforms (no registration).

Will I be able to attend ACCES if I have not registered?

All delegates should register and reserve their seat. Only registered persons will receive the ACCES pass, on a first come first served basis.

Will there be shuttles to get delegates to various venues?

Shuttles will be provided between the conference venues and partnering hotels.