Music In Africa Portal

Music In Africa ( is easily the fastest growing information and exchange web portal dedicated to the African music sector, reaching millions of people every year. A non-profit initiative, Music In Africa aims to support the African music sector through knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration. With access to seasoned music journalists and researchers from across the world, we offer a unique range of quality and useful content about the sector. 

Our main content sections include the Artist & Industry section where you can find and connect with thousands of professionals who operate in the sector, including but not limited to musicians, funders, record labels, managers, and publishers; a Magazine section (featuring dynamic content such as news, overviews of African music scenes, feature articles, reviews, and gig guides; a Knowledge section (with practical tools for music professionals)
and an Education section offering quality tutorials and other educational content. Music In Africa publishes content in French and English with five regional offices in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, DRC and Senegal.

Our vision is to be the leading source of information and exchange in and for the African music sector.

Here is an overview of the benefits 

As an Artist:

  1. Add your content (music and videos) and reach a wider audience that is crazy about African music. 
  2. Get booking requests
  3. Direct your fans to where they can buy your music
  4. Print an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  5. Share your announcements
  6. Share/access industry opportunities
  7. Access industry knowledge
  8. You have a chance to ‘trend’
  9. Promote your events

As a Music Professional (eg. artist manager, record label, event promoter etc):

  1. Promote your business/work/productions
  2. Connect with industry professionals
  3. Send booking requests to artists
  4. Get contacts of music industry players
  5. Share your announcements
  6. Share/access industry opportunities
  7. Access industry knowledge
  8. See events in your area
  9. Promote your events

As a Fan:

  1. Discover new music/artists
  2. See events in your area
  3. Stay up to date with your favourite artists' activities
  4. Send booking requests to artists
  5. Access industry knowledge
  6. Engage with artists

As a contributor:

  1. Contribute your content (articles) and build a portfolio
  2. Stay up to date with industry activities
  3. Share industry knowledge
  4. Discover new music/artists
  5. See events in your area
  6. Engage with artists
  7. Reach a wider audience with your content
  8. Access contacts of music industry players

History of Music In Africa 

In August 2011, the Goethe-Institut in partnership with Siemens Stiftung organized a music conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, where a dynamic group of music professionals from across Africa discussed and developed a basic idea of a music information portal. The idea was developed further at a follow-up meeting held concurrently with the Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar in February 2012. On 27 July 2013 a founding meeting was held at the Heron Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. At this meeting the Music In Africa constitution was adopted and the Music In Africa Board of Management was elected, leading to the formation of the Music in Africa Foundation, which owns and governs the Music in Africa portal. At the same meeting, Eddie Hatitye was appointed director of the Music In Africa Foundation.