Uganda Broadcasting Corporation


Uganda Television and Radio Uganda (the current Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) was founded in 1963 one year after Uganda’s independence. However, radio was founded in Uganda in 1954 and TV followed nine years after that.

Its main aim was to broadcast through both mediums to the whole country as the national broadcaster.

After independence till the mid 1980’s Uganda was faced with a lot of economic hardships. As a result many institutions including the national broadcaster suffered a general deterioration. It is with this background that the Ugandan Government saw the need to restructure the former Uganda Television and Radio Uganda. As a result Parliament passed the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Act that established the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation in 2005. This transformed the former UTV and Radio Uganda into the now existent Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.

The Corporation started its activities on 16th November, 2005. The Corporation is fully owned (100%) by the Government of Uganda and carries out its activities for and on behalf of the Government. It therefore requires government funding in order to sustain its operation.

UGKampala, Uganda
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