Jah Man and the Sierra Wailers


The band was formed during the early days of the civil war in Sierra Leone. The leader of the band, Jah Man, recorded his first album, made a hit song and was able to acquire instruments and thereafter stopped playing acoustic guitars in the ghetto. The first live show was at Magazine/Guard Street and followed with a big concert at Victoria Park, centre Freetown on May 11th 1993. The band members travelled to Guinea as refugees for 3 years in the worst days of the civil conflict in Sierra Leone. They have produced albums like Ridding Slow, Give one Love, Listen to Me and are currently working on the releasing of their latest album titled African History.

The band is originally a reggae band, but for commercial purposes and entertaining their audience, the band plays different varieties of music. The name Jah Man and the Sierra Wailers means the Wailers of Sierra Leone. It is in remembrance of the late King of reggae Robert Nester Marley. The members of the band are Rastafarians.

The band has played in various well-known places in Freetown including O’ Casey Blues Bar, Radisson Blue, Family Kingdom, Country lodge, Chez Nous and also up country.

The band comprises of seven members: Jah Man, the Lead singer and rhythm guitarist; Congo Dave, keyboardist and vocalist; Abdul Jimnato, drummer, Kobe, lead guitarist; D Love, bass guitarist; Sierra Afrique, vocalist; Dan Man, percussionist

SLFreetown, Sierra Leone


The Wailers
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