Botswana Electronic Music Festival (BEMF)


Botswana Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) is a music event held in Gaborone, Botswana. The event aims to inspire people to create, join the digital evolution and stand up on the world stage. Their objective is to send a message to the world to recognize Botswana as a contributor to global innovation. The charge will be led by an incredible host of local and international artists, as well as a series of workshops bringing aspiring local producers together with leading figures in the electronic music scene.

As a festival they draw inspiration from the manifesto of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (D.E.M.F), which began in Detroit in 2000. Detroit is synonymous with the birth of techno and electronic music in general, and this is where the barriers of society were initially broken down through the medium of music.

The event strives to engage people from all walks of life by incorporating multiple genres and the scenes they inhabit. From grass-roots techno and deep house, to the hip-hop, disco and reggae of long ago, right through to the electro, dub step and EDM dominating the main stages of today.

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Botswana Electronic Music Festival (BEMF)
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