What are revenue streams for musicians?

“Revenue streams” refer to income-generating activities directly related to music creation. The broad categories entail music rights, live performances, brand-related revenue and grants and funding.

Who can participate in the survey?

The survey is open to music creators based in South Africa. “Music creators” extend to all individuals involved in music creation in their personal capacity as songwriters, performers, producers, etc. The survey is only open to music creators aged 18 and older.

How do I participate in the research?

The research will be carried out nationwide via an online survey and field research.

  • The online survey is hosted on the Music In Africa portal here:
  • Field-research programmes will enable field researchers to do in-person interviews and collect data across all nine provinces. If you would like one of our field researchers to assist you, please fill out this form.

How would music creators benefit from participating in this survey?

Music creators will  benefit from a range of industry insights, tools, workshops that aim to transmit and cultivate knowledge of revenue streams for all musicians. 

The online and on-the-ground research will make it possible to map out a profile of each revenue stream available to musicians in South Africa. This means that the data will allow us to learn where, when and how musicians in different contexts are earning their income. By participating in the survey, musicians will contribute to a body of interactive knowledge that will point to structural shortcomings, but also identify areas of innovation.

Benefits for music creators include:

  • access reports and findings and tap into insights that are specific to the revenue streams across regions, practices and genres.
  • guidance on optimising earnings from their works
  • access to reports and findings from the data collected
  • upskilling with digital educational content and tools to navigate the industry
  • access to tailored training workshops.

How will my data be used?

The outcomes of the RSFAM research will enable the Music In Africa Foundation, alongside industry experts, to develop educational content that aims to assist music creators in optimising income from their works. Data analysis from research findings will enable the MIAF, alongside policy experts, to advocate for better income-earning conditions for South African musicians.

What are the key outcomes of the RSFAM project?

The Music In Africa Foundation aims to develop:

  • Easy-to-understand and accessible data analysis of various income-generating trends
  • Guides to empower practitioners with insights and strategies to make informed decisions with regards to their income-generating activities
  • Training workshops and capacity-building programmes from industry experts
  • Free tutorial content will be published and disseminated on the Music In Africa portal
  • Free digital tools will be developed to help musicians locate partners and new
    streams easily
  • The project will also carry out advocacy and lobbying activities in the interest of musicians

How can music industry stakeholders participate in the project?

Consultants or potential partners are welcome to contact Violet Maila, Projects Manager, at

Who is overseeing and analysing the research?
The MIAF is conducting the research and is guided by music industry consultants. Should you wish to get involved as an industry consultant or researcher, you are welcome to contact Jannike Bergh, Projects Officer, at

Who will develop the educational content?

The MIAF is seeking consultants and partners to engage with the Foundation to bid for the educational content development phase for the project, commencing in August 2021.

Are there any participation fees involved and what happens to my data?

Participation is free and solely serves the purposes of this research study. Your data will remain anonymous and will not be used elsewhere or for any other purposes other than this study. Please refer to the disclaimer form here.

When is the project taking place?

The pilot phase in South Africa is taking place over an 18-month period. The research will be ongoing and the MIAF plans to introduce more countries after the pilot phase. The project consists of 3 key phases:

Phase 1: Research framework and methodology
Phase 2: Online survey and field research
Phase 3: Data analysis, educational content development, capacity-building programmes and policy work

The pilot phase is implemented in South Africa. How will it be implemented in other African countries?

Based on the outcomes of the pilot phase, the model will be replicated, adapted and introduced to other African countries upon completion of the first pilot phase in South Africa.

How can I contact the Revenue Streams for African Musicians team?

Please contact Jannike Bergh, Projects Officer, at sends e-mail).

Who can assist me in completing the survey?

Please fill out the assistance form and the MIAF will contact you to assist.

​How do I get regular updates about the projects?

Keep checking the Revenue Streams for African Musicians page for more information on upcoming opportunities.

Are there any partnership opportunities?

If you wish to partner with MIAF on the project,please contact Violet Maila, Projects Manager, at for more information.