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Samuel Berhanu popularly known as Sami Dan is a reggae artist. He attended Addis Ababa University where he graduated with a degree in Construction Technology and Management. His music career began while in high school; at the time he played with the Eldan band for five years. He took a break to focus on his education and after he graduated he joined Hasset Acoustic Band and played for three years. With Hasset, he had the opportunity to be part of Sydney Solomon and Imperial Majestic Band and played there for a year.

In 2014 Sami-Dan started his own band, Zewd Acoustic; that year Sami also released a four-song promotional CD. His singles ‘Anchi Yene’ and ‘Shegitu’ got overwhelmingly positive feedback on radio and online. He released his debut album Keras Gar Negeger in 2016.

He was nominated at the Leza Awards, where he bagged four awards including album of the year, best new artist, best music video and best new single.

He is one of the artists who will make their debut performance at East Africa's Sauti Za Busara festival.

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Samuel Berhanu
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