SaMasamba (born Norman Masamba) is a award winning, guitarist, songwriter and singer from Zimbabwe.

He began his music career in 2007 supporting some of Zimbabwe's finest artists such as the late Bob Nyabinde, Victor Kunonga and the late Chiwoniso Maraire among many others. He has also contributed to projects involving the late Oliver Mtukudzi and the late Hugh Masekela as a guitarist.
In his music journey SaMasamba had the privilege of working with Judith Sephuma, Mkhululi Bhebhe of (Joyous Celebration) Zanda Zanduka and Bekezela among others.

SaMasamba's music has injected brand new life into the African guitar driven sound. He has great influences of Zimbabwean traditional rhythms (an ethnic sound) fused with positive message.

SaMasamba has one album and three singles to his name since the launch of his music solo career in 2015. He has performed at the Capetown International Jazz Festival, Bergen arts Festival (Norway), Jacaranda Music Festival (Zimbabwe), Lake Victoria arts Festival (Kenya) among many others.


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SaMasamba - Handikwanise (live)
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SaMasamba - Monique
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SaMasamba - Tauya kuzofara
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SaMasamba - Handikwanise (live) feat Sylent Nqo


SaMasamba - Handikwanise (live)
SaMasamba - Monique
SaMasamba - Tauya kuzofara
SaMasamba - Handikwanise (live) feat Sylent Nqo
Vekwako - Unplugged with Alasters Mushoriwa
SaMasamba - Handikwanise (Backyard Rehearsal)
SaMasamba - Mhiripiri (Official Audio)
SaMasamba - Do Something (Official Video) #normanmasamba #dosomething #samasamba
SaMasamba - Tumirai (Official audio) #normanmasamba #tumirai #samasamba
SaMasamba - Vekwako (Official audio) #normanmasamba #vekwako #samasamba
SaMasamba - Ziso (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Zindoga (official audio) #normanmasamba #samasamba #zindoga
SaMasamba - Pedo Navo (lyric video) #normanmasamba #samasamba #pedonavo
SaMasamba - Uta (Official Audio) #samasamba #normanmasamba #uta
SaMasamba - Kunorima (Album Playlist)#samasamba #normanmasamba#kunorima
SaMasamba - Samanyika (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Pamusasa (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Chakutenderedza (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Chirimumoyo feat Victor Kunonga (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Handikwanise (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Fambe fambe (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Zvemuninga (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Kuchaenda Mweya (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Zvebasa (Official audio)
SaMasamba - Zvebasa (Unplugged)
SaMasamba - Happiness (Official Audio)
SaMasamba - Mamera (Unplugged)
SaMasamba - (live at Feté dé la musique)
SaMasamba - Zenze (Trio performance)
SaMasamba - Kunorima(Acoustic)
SaMasamba - Tauya Kuzofara (live)
SaMasamba - (live at Unplugged Zimbabwe)
SaMasamba - Chihera (Official Audio)
SaMasamba - Chakutenderedza (live)
SaMasamba - Zvembombera (live)
SaMasamba - Kunorima (live)
SaMasamba - Ziso (Live)


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