Rift Valley Festival


The Rift Valley Festival enters its fifth year at Fisherman's Camp, in Naivasha. The festival celebrates globally sourced bands, musicians and DJs that makes Lake Naivasha come alive to the sound of diverse music styles and genres that create the greatest party in East Africa each year.

The festival also celebrates the rich culture and people of Kenya through the ever growing family of visual artists, poets, dancers and craftsmen that splash the festival with colour, energy, tradition and knowledge to make this festival so special and unique

A major part of the Rift Valley Festival ethos is the community work they have been involved with since the festival began in 2010. Their projects began with visiting local schools to plant trees with the children and at the same time offer education and insight into environmental awareness, hygiene and HIV.

These projects continue, but as the festival has grown so has the potential and reach of what they can achieve. In the last year alone they have connected with like- minded community pioneers such as 'Imarisha Naivasha' to help establish Naivasha’s first composting and recycling village, Kwa- Muhia, that is the neighbor to the festival site.

From this project they have produced a 25 minute documentary that educates on the basics of waste management and the local environment that will be premiered at the festival and then distributed to schools, churches and community center’s around the lake, reaching thousands of people.


KENaivasha, Kenya
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