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Allen Johnston is aptly called Music Specialist for a period of over ten years he was co-owner of Joeyboy Records, J.R. Records, On Top Records, American Faith Records, Joeyboy Publishing BMI, Beam of Light Publishing ASCAP, To Soon To Tell Publishing SESAC, and Bazooka Film works.

Allen consults new and existing entertainment businesses, increasing their revenue streams while making them technically astute. With over four decades of progressive experience in all aspects of music product development, licensing, sales, promotion and distribution for national and international markets, he has worked with labels including Ariola, Arista, Capital, EMI America, Fantasy, Island, K-Tel, Mercury, Sony, Stax and Warner Bros. Records. As Industry Consultant, he provides business operations back office services for many music industry clients. Independent labels and publishers rely upon his expertise in the areas of publishing administration, licensing, royalty recovery, business affairs, label operation, business administration and the digital marketplace.

Mr. Johnston is an accomplished speaker and has lectured for numerous conferences and the American Bar Associations' Continuing Legal Education Division, where he has written several position papers. Recent speaking engagements have included Cannes France, Johannesburg South Africa, Kingston Jamaica, Nashville Tenn. Memphis Tenn., and Beijing China.

His work has been published in Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated (5) contracts included within the Movies, Music & Musician section, and in 1993 Publisher’s Digest. “The Rap Marketplace”. His latest book “Publishing Quick & Easy” is a mainstay for new and experienced attorneys.

Currently he owns and manages Global Soul Group, a multi-tiered organization offering Global digital distribution, publishing administration, royalty collection and consultation.


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