Midem / 4-7 JUNE 2019

Midem, the leading event of the international music community, will take place in Cannes from the 4th to the 7th of June 2019. It gathers, connects, and accompanies its participants in their desire to exchange and create the future of music. During 4 days of conferences, concerts and networking; creators, innovating digital companies, brands and talents get together to enrich the passionate relationship between creators and users, and develop new partnerships.

Midem’s High Potential Markets Programme The Programme was established to help global music professionals by encouraging business development and fresh talent discovery. It aims to foster bilateral exchanges between national and international music executives across all sectors, working to facilitate the structuring and professionalisation of the high-potential markets. The inaugural Latin American Forum follows the success of the Programme’s 2018 events, when the focus was Sub-Saharan Africa. A packed out four-day ‘African Forum’ during Midem and 4 events across Africa in Johannesburg, Lagos, Abidjan and Brazzaville, to meet local artists and industry players, garnered widespread support, paving the way for this year’s event in Rio de Janeiro.

Midem is keen to strengthen its commitment to working closely with artists and their teams to help and support them to navigate this exciting environment by launching the 1st Artist Hub at Midem 2019!

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Great Stories Start at Midem - with Stephen Ying
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Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France


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Midem Artist Accelerator trailer


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