Midem, is an annual event that takes place in Cannes in France. It gathers, connects, and accompanies its participants in their desire to exchange and create the future of music. During 4 days of conferences, concerts and networking; creators, innovating digital companies, brands and talents get together to enrich the passionate relationship between creators and users, and develop new partnerships.

Midem’s High Potential Markets Programme The Programme was established to help global music professionals by encouraging business development and fresh talent discovery. It aims to foster bilateral exchanges between national and international music executives across all sectors, working to facilitate the structuring and professionalisation of the high-potential markets. The inaugural Latin American Forum follows the success of the Programme’s 2018 events, when the focus was Sub-Saharan Africa. A packed out four-day ‘African Forum’ during Midem and 4 events across Africa in Johannesburg, Lagos, Abidjan and Brazzaville, to meet local artists and industry players, garnered widespread support, paving the way for this year’s event in Rio de Janeiro.

Midem is keen to strengthen its commitment to working closely with artists and their teams to help and support them to navigate this exciting environment by launching the 1st Artist Hub at Midem 2019!

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Midem Artist & Label Services Forum
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Midem African Music Forum
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Behind the Sync of Latin Music: Global Cultural Relevance - Midem 2019
Midem Insights - Jennifer Breithaupt, Global Consumer CMO, Citi (USA)
Why is Bollywood Music India's Mainstream Pop? - Midem 2019
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Innovation in Music: Fuelling the Future of the Industry


Midem Artist & Label Services Forum
Midem African Music Forum
Innovation in Music: Fuelling the Future of the Industry
Creating Value from Music: Diversification is the Key
Chinese delegation at Midem
Music Business at Midem
Hip-Hop: a Global Phenomenon in the Streaming Era
Midem Beach
Midem Conference Programme
How is it to Produce for Lady Gaga? A Talk with DJ White Shadow - Midem 2019 x Dynaudio Unheard
How Is It to Write for Rihanna? A Talk with Candice Pillay - Midem 2019 x Dynaudio Unheard
Artists at the heart of Midem
Midem - Home of the global music community
Trailer Midem Songwriting Camp 2019
Midem 2019 Wrap-up
Behind Today's Nigerian Sounds: a Talk with Maleek Berry - Midem 2019
Keynote - Dina LaPolt, Owner, LaPolt Law (USA) - Midem 2019
The Year K-pop Broke in the USA in 2019 - Midem 2019
Mixing Artistic Excellence & Mainstream: a Talk with Hamza - Midem 2019
Atlanta: 30 Years & Running as the Hip-Hop Capitol of the World - Midem 2019
Never Mind the ‘B’ Word: UK’s Place in the Global Market - UK Export Partners - Midem 2019
The Growth & Impact of African Culture & Music Around the World - Midem 2019
How Carpenter Brut Made it in America - Midem 2019
Trends & Perspectives of the US Music Industry: a Talk with Neil Portnow - Midem 2019
Keynote - Twitter - Midem 2019
Music Consumption in North America by Nielsen Music - Midem 2019
Chinese Hip-Hop Goes Mainstream - Midem 2019
Check if you're in: Midem 2019, day 3
Keynote - Marsha Vlasic, President, Artist Group International (USA) - Midem 2019
Music & Esports: Gaining Momentum? - Midem 2019
Copyright Legislations: What's Next? - Midem 2019
Keynote - Rebeca León, CEO & Co-Founder, Lionfish Entertainment (USA) - Midem 2019
How a New Generation of Rights Holders are Reimagining Themselves in the Digital Economy
Building a New Business Model for the Modern Music Company: a Talk with Stephan Bourdoiseau
The Future of Global Rights Management - Midem 2019
The EU & the Music Industry: Working in Partnership - Midem 2019
Why Having a Multi-Channel Strategy is Important? - Midem 2019
The Bourgeoing Music Scenes of Central & Eastern Europe - Midem 2019
Music Cities: When Music Drives Economic Development - Midem 2019
International Expansion for Small/young Publishers: Meeting Partners & Sub-publishers - Midem 2019
ESL x Universal's Enter Records Presents: a Talk with TheFatRat - Midem 2019
Indies' New Business Models - Midem 2019
The Next Big Ideas Of Live Entertainment - Midem 2019
How Global Brands Can Form Partnerships with International Tours & Live Events? - Midem 2019
Music & Esports - Introduction - Midem 2019
Flexibility is Everything in the Modern Music Strategy Campaign - Midem 2019
Never Mind the ‘B’ Word: UK Music Industry - Midem 2019
Music, Urban Affairs & the Sustainable Development Goals - Midem 2019
Diversity & Inclusion in the Global Touring Marketplace - Midem 2019
Music Cities Presentation - Why Should the Industry Care about Music Cities - Midem 2019
Check if you're in: Midem 2019, day 2
Main Seminar - Keeping It Honest: Transparency & Related Legal Issues
Midemlab Startup Pitch 4 - Experiential Technologies - Midem 2019
Midemlab Winners Announcement - Midem 2019
Midemlab Startup Pitch 3 - Marketing & Data/Analytics - Midem 2019
Creating a Common Narrative to Put African Talent on the Global Music Map - Midem 2019
Masterclass: Fair Use & Copyright Exceptions - Midem 2019
Turkish Music Goes Global - Midem 2019
Scoring Super Bowl Sync Touchdowns - Midem 2019
The Queen of Sample Clearance: a Talk with Deborah Mannis-Gardner - Midem 2019
Midemlab Startup Pitch 2 - Music Distribution & Discovery - Midem 2019
Midemlab Startup Pitch 1 - Music Creation & Education - Midem 2019
Dream Big Without Big Money in Sync - Midem 2019
Behind the Sync of Latin Music: Global Cultural Relevance - Midem 2019
The Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology - Midem 2019
The Weimar Triangle: How Cross-border Politics Support the Music Industry? - Midem 2019
Germany in the Global Music Market - Midem 2019
Are There Too Many Musical TV Series in Development? - Midem 2019
Unifying Data in a Distributed, Digital World: a Talk with SoundExchange CEO, Michael Huppe
The Music of Peaky Blinders: a Talk with Antony Genn - Midem 2019
Why is Bollywood Music India's Mainstream Pop? - Midem 2019
Inside the Competitive Business of Music for Film/TV Trailers - Midem 2019
Paid Subscribers War: the New Business Opportunities - Midem 2019
Sony Music Brands I Live I Licensing GSA x Lions Head - Midem 2019
Check if you're in: Midem 2019, day 1
Keynote - Femi Anikulapo Kuti, Singer, New Afrika Shrine (Nigeria) - Midem 2019
Keynote - Mathew Daniel, VP International, Netease Cloud Music (China) - Midem 2019
Keynote - Troy Carter, Co-Founder & CEO, Q&A (USA) - Midem 2019
A Unified Latin Music Market to Foster the Internationalisation of Latin Music - Midem 201
Beyond Smart Speakers: the Future of Voice Technology - Midem 2019
Putting Brazil (Back) on the Global Music Map - Midem 2019
Talk with Jorge Mejia, President, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Latin America - Midem 2019
Rapid Growth, Streaming Future - Recorded Music Consumption in Latin America - Midem 2019
The Landscape & Future of Recorded Music in Major Markets in Asia - Midem 2019
Taïwan: a Musical Island - Midem 2019
Music & UGC - Developing an Authentic Brand Connection - Midem 2019
Charge It To The Game: a Talk with Cortez Bryant & Matt Ferrigno - Midem 2019
Will Music Streaming Ever Be Profitable? - Midem 2019
Songwriting for K-Pop - Midem 2019
Doing Business in Japan - Midem 2019
Mainstream vs Underground Hip Hop in India: a Talk with DIVINE - Midem 2019
Is Middle East The New Streaming Eldorado? - Midem 2019
Are Streamers The Future Labels? - Midem 2019
The Rise of New Streaming Markets - Midem 2019
How participants feel about Midem?
Midem African Tour 2019 - Trailer
Creating a Pan-Latin Music Market - Midem Latin American Forum 2018
How Technology Can Boost Live Music
Great Stories Start at Midem - with Rob Hallett
Midem Insights - Jennifer Breithaupt, Global Consumer CMO, Citi (USA)


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