Home of the Global Music Community, Midem is the world’s leading music business event, which unites, connects, serves and supports the global music ecosystem to exchange, create, play, forge relationships and shape the future of the industry. With a rich 4-day programme of conferences, competitions, networking events and live performances, music makers, cutting-edge technology companies, brands and talent come together to enrich the passionate relationship between people and music, transform audience engagement and form new business connections

Next edition: 2-5 June 2020 - Cannes, France

Midem African Forum

With its long-term programme for Africa, Midem hopes to accelerate this transition by creating bridges between the continent and the rest of the world.

The Midem African Forum consists of a series of conferences, workshops and showcases attended by more than 400 industry professionals including labels, streaming platforms, publishers, artists, politicians, media, and official institutions. The objective is to support the internationalisation of the African music industry, encouraging business development and new talent discovery.

Iconic musicians have been Artist Ambassadors for the initiative over the past 3 years – Yemi Adele, Black Coffee, Davido, Femi Kuti and Maleek Berry.

More info about Midem: https://www.midem.com/en-gb.html More info about Midem African Forum: https://www.midem.com/en-gb/what-is-midem/african-forum.html


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Midem Africa - Le premier évènement digital panafricain pour l'industrie musicale
Midem Africa - The first pan-African digital music event
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Spotlight on East Africa: Getting into East Africa
Youtube’s Tuma Basa & Artist Manager Thabiso Khati Talk About the African Music Globalisation
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Call for entry - Midemlab 2021
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Meet Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico!


Midem Africa - The first pan-African digital music event
Midem Africa - Le premier évènement digital panafricain pour l'industrie musicale
Call for entry - Midemlab 2021
Meet Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico!
MIDEM LATIN AMERICAN FORUM in association with LatinX BizarroLab
Hall of Fame Songwriters in Conversation: Jermaine Dupri & Dallas Austin - Midem Digital 2020
Midem - Music Networking Week Participants - Midem Digital Platform
Midem Music Networking Week - Trailer
MIDEM Music Networking Week - Key facts
MIDEM - Music Networking Week - Trailer
10 Tips to Improve Storytelling for Music Tech Startups - Midem Digital 2020
Spotlight on East Africa: Getting into East Africa
Midem Digital - Tutorial
Fundraising Fundamentals Masterclass - Midem Digital 2020
Youtube’s Tuma Basa & Artist Manager Thabiso Khati Talk About the African Music Globalisation
Artists Voices in Africa with A'salfo x Fally Ipupa x Youssou N'Dour - Midem Digital 2020
What's Next for the Live Music Industry? - Midem Digital 2020
Midem Digital Edition - Speakers Confirmed
Amber Grimes (Capitol) & Nicole Wyskoarko (Interscope) Open Up About Leadership in Music & Diversity
The Next Frontier for Latin Music - Midem Digital 2020
Keynote Pinar Toprak & Benjamin Wallfisch / Music Composers
Midem Digital Edition 2020 - Trailer
MIDEM African Music Forum 2020 - Cape Town
MIDEM African Music Forum 2020 - Lagos
Midem Artist & Label Services Forum
Midem African Music Forum
Innovation in Music: Fuelling the Future of the Industry
Creating Value from Music: Diversification is the Key
Chinese delegation at Midem
Music Business at Midem
Hip-Hop: a Global Phenomenon in the Streaming Era
Midem Beach
Midem Conference Programme
How is it to Produce for Lady Gaga? A Talk with DJ White Shadow - Midem 2019 x Dynaudio Unheard
How Is It to Write for Rihanna? A Talk with Candice Pillay - Midem 2019 x Dynaudio Unheard
Artists at the heart of Midem
Midem - Home of the global music community
Trailer Midem Songwriting Camp 2019
Midem 2019 Wrap-up
Keynote - Dina LaPolt, Owner, LaPolt Law (USA) - Midem 2019
The Year K-pop Broke in the USA in 2019 - Midem 2019
Never Mind the ‘B’ Word: UK’s Place in the Global Market - UK Export Partners - Midem 2019
Atlanta: 30 Years & Running as the Hip-Hop Capitol of the World - Midem 2019
Mixing Artistic Excellence & Mainstream: a Talk with Hamza - Midem 2019
How Carpenter Brut Made it in America - Midem 2019
Trends & Perspectives of the US Music Industry: a Talk with Neil Portnow - Midem 2019
Keynote - Twitter - Midem 2019
Music Consumption in North America by Nielsen Music - Midem 2019
Chinese Hip-Hop Goes Mainstream - Midem 2019
Check if you're in: Midem 2019, day 3
Keynote - Marsha Vlasic, President, Artist Group International (USA) - Midem 2019
Keynote - Rebeca León, CEO & Co-Founder, Lionfish Entertainment (USA) - Midem 2019
Music & Esports: Gaining Momentum? - Midem 2019
Copyright Legislations: What's Next? - Midem 2019
How a New Generation of Rights Holders are Reimagining Themselves in the Digital Economy
The EU & the Music Industry: Working in Partnership - Midem 2019
Building a New Business Model for the Modern Music Company: a Talk with Stephan Bourdoiseau
International Expansion for Small/young Publishers: Meeting Partners & Sub-publishers - Midem 2019
Indies' New Business Models - Midem 2019
The Future of Global Rights Management - Midem 2019
ESL x Universal's Enter Records Presents: a Talk with TheFatRat - Midem 2019
Music & Esports - Introduction - Midem 2019
The Bourgeoing Music Scenes of Central & Eastern Europe - Midem 2019
Why Having a Multi-Channel Strategy is Important? - Midem 2019
Music Cities: When Music Drives Economic Development - Midem 2019
The Next Big Ideas Of Live Entertainment - Midem 2019
How Global Brands Can Form Partnerships with International Tours & Live Events? - Midem 2019
Behind Today's Nigerian Sounds: a Talk with Maleek Berry - Midem 2019
Music, Urban Affairs & the Sustainable Development Goals - Midem 2019
Never Mind the ‘B’ Word: UK Music Industry - Midem 2019
Flexibility is Everything in the Modern Music Strategy Campaign - Midem 2019
Music Cities Presentation - Why Should the Industry Care about Music Cities - Midem 2019
Diversity & Inclusion in the Global Touring Marketplace - Midem 2019
The Growth & Impact of African Culture & Music Around the World - Midem 2019
Check if you're in: Midem 2019, day 2
Main Seminar - Keeping It Honest: Transparency & Related Legal Issues
Midemlab Startup Pitch 4 - Experiential Technologies - Midem 2019
Midemlab Winners Announcement - Midem 2019
Creating a Common Narrative to Put African Talent on the Global Music Map - Midem 2019
Midemlab Startup Pitch 3 - Marketing & Data/Analytics - Midem 2019
Turkish Music Goes Global - Midem 2019
Scoring Super Bowl Sync Touchdowns - Midem 2019
The Queen of Sample Clearance: a Talk with Deborah Mannis-Gardner - Midem 2019
Masterclass: Fair Use & Copyright Exceptions - Midem 2019
Midemlab Startup Pitch 2 - Music Distribution & Discovery - Midem 2019
Midemlab Startup Pitch 1 - Music Creation & Education - Midem 2019
Dream Big Without Big Money in Sync - Midem 2019
Behind the Sync of Latin Music: Global Cultural Relevance - Midem 2019
The Weimar Triangle: How Cross-border Politics Support the Music Industry? - Midem 2019
The Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology - Midem 2019
Germany in the Global Music Market - Midem 2019
The Music of Peaky Blinders: a Talk with Antony Genn - Midem 2019
Are There Too Many Musical TV Series in Development? - Midem 2019
Unifying Data in a Distributed, Digital World: a Talk with SoundExchange CEO, Michael Huppe
Why is Bollywood Music India's Mainstream Pop? - Midem 2019
Inside the Competitive Business of Music for Film/TV Trailers - Midem 2019
Sony Music Brands I Live I Licensing GSA x Lions Head - Midem 2019
Paid Subscribers War: the New Business Opportunities - Midem 2019
Check if you're in: Midem 2019, day 1
Keynote - Femi Anikulapo Kuti, Singer, New Afrika Shrine (Nigeria) - Midem 2019
Keynote - Troy Carter, Co-Founder & CEO, Q&A (USA) - Midem 2019
Keynote - Mathew Daniel, VP International, Netease Cloud Music (China) - Midem 2019
Beyond Smart Speakers: the Future of Voice Technology - Midem 2019
Putting Brazil (Back) on the Global Music Map - Midem 2019
A Unified Latin Music Market to Foster the Internationalisation of Latin Music - Midem 201
Talk with Jorge Mejia, President, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Latin America - Midem 2019
Rapid Growth, Streaming Future - Recorded Music Consumption in Latin America - Midem 2019
The Landscape & Future of Recorded Music in Major Markets in Asia - Midem 2019
Taïwan: a Musical Island - Midem 2019
Charge It To The Game: a Talk with Cortez Bryant & Matt Ferrigno - Midem 2019
Music & UGC - Developing an Authentic Brand Connection - Midem 2019
Songwriting for K-Pop - Midem 2019
Mainstream vs Underground Hip Hop in India: a Talk with DIVINE - Midem 2019
Doing Business in Japan - Midem 2019
Will Music Streaming Ever Be Profitable? - Midem 2019
Are Streamers The Future Labels? - Midem 2019
Is Middle East The New Streaming Eldorado? - Midem 2019
The Rise of New Streaming Markets - Midem 2019
How participants feel about Midem?
Midem African Tour 2019 - Trailer
Creating a Pan-Latin Music Market - Midem Latin American Forum 2018
How Technology Can Boost Live Music
Great Stories Start at Midem - with Rob Hallett
Midem Insights - Jennifer Breithaupt, Global Consumer CMO, Citi (USA)
Midem Insights - Black Coffee, Artist & Founder, Gongbox (South Africa)
Startups at Midem
Midem Latin American Forum trailer
Adapting Digital Strategies to Reach the Casual Music Listener - Midem Latin American Forum 2018
Protecting creation and authors’ rights - Midem Latin American Forum 2018
Keynote: Adriana Restrepo - Midem Latin American Forum 2018
The State of Latin Music Startup Nation - Midem Latin American Forum
Creating a unified pan-Latin music market - Midem Latin American Forum
Developing an international career: learnings from Far From Alaska - Midem Latin American Forum
The internationalisation of Latin music: breaking beyond mainstream -Midem Latin American Forum 2018
The Latin Music Market in Today's global industry - Midem Latin American Forum 2018
Midem Artist Accelerator trailer
Great Stories Start at Midem - with Stephen Ying
Midem Latin American Forum 2018: Highlights
Maria Mathea - Midem Songwriting Camp 2018
Lister - Midem Songwriting Camp 2018
Elvis Crespo - Midem Songwriting Camp 2018
Toya Delazy - Midem Songwriting Camp 2018
Emyli - Midem Songwriting Camp 2018
Midem Songwriting Camp 2018, as told by the artists
A Midem Day in the Life: Toya Delazy - Midem 2018
A Midem Day in the Life - Sacem's Jean-Noël Tronc - Midem 2018
A Midem Day in the Life: Dina LaPolt - Midem 2018
Having a Voice as an Artist in Today's Music Business
Midem by Night
Midem - Connected by music
Don't Panic: Indies & Majors Collaborate - Midem 2018
Midem Global Trends Wrap - Midem 2018
Four to the Floor: Celebrating 20 Years of Techno Parade - Midem 2018
A conversation with Cary Sherman - Midem 2018
How the New Generation does Business - Midem 2018
Everyday They're Shufflin: A&R in 2018 - Midem 2018
FutureMarketing/LoveDigital - Midem 2018
A Conversation with Charles Caldas - Midem 2018
The State of European Independence - Midem 2018
Metal Music: the Lost Tribe? - Midem 2018
Keynote: Tim Leiweke, Oak View Group - Midem 2018
Keynote: Bill Patrizio, Rhapsody/Napster - Midem 2018
Keynote: Scooter Braun - Midem 2018
Intelligence is Dead, Long Live Artificial Intelligence! - Midem 2018
The Power of Video - Midem 2018
Radio Killed the Radio Stars: New Business Models - Midem 2018
Copyright Reforms in North America: What Next? - Midem 2018
Being an Indie Artist: a conversation with SIROM - Midem 2018
Enabling the Independents through Disruptive Tech - Midem 2018
Spice Up Your Streams! - Midem 2018
How to Market Your Artists in Latin America - Midem 2018
Colombia: a Musical Goldmine - Midem 2018
The Voice of Creators: a conversation with Dina Lapolt - Midem 2018
The Value Gap Debate: How the EU is Changing the Game - Midem 2018
Inside a Latin Hitmaker's Mind: a Conversation with Visitante - Midem 2018
Behind a New Generation Content Empire: a Conversation with Andre Benz - Midem 2018
Pasito a Pasito, Latin Urban Music Goes Boom! - Midem 2018
W(orld)/Brazil - Midem 2018
The Next Gen of Live Music Players - Midem 2018
Navigating the International Festival Marketplace - Midem 2018
Midemlab Startup Pitch 1 – Music Creation & Education - Midem 2018
The State of Global Touring Opportunities - Midem 2018
From Where Will the Next Global Live Music Trend Emerge? - Midem 2018
International Premiere Screening : “Word Is Bond” Presentation – Midem 2018
Digital Marketing: Ace of Bases - Midem 2018
Introduction to Latin America - Midem 2018
Midemlab Winners Announcement - Midem 2018
Innovation : Disruption or Solution - Midem 2018
A Talk with Yemi Alade, the Queen of Afropop - Midem 2018
A Talk with Davido, the King of Afrobeats - Midem 2018
Keynote: Ghazi Shami, Empire - Midem 2018
Keynote: Michel Magnier, European Commission - Midem 2018
Main Seminar: Re-thinking & Closing the Value Gap - Midem 2018
Keynote: Concord Music - Midem 2018
Midemlab Startup Pitch 4 – Experiential Technologies - Midem 2018
India Beyond Bollywood - Midem 2018
Europeans Shed Light on Music Supervision - Midem 2018
Africa - The New Music Frontier, Open for Business - Midem 2018
Midemlab Startup Pitch 3 – Marketing & Data/Analytics - Midem 2018
Tales from South Korea's Music Scene: a conversation with Kim Hyungsuk - Midem 2018
Masterclass - The Anticipated New Copyright Legislation - Midem 2018
Sync About New Media Formats - Midem 2018
Stop! China Time! - Midem 2018
The Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology - Midem 2018
Midemlab Startup Pitch 2 – Music Distribution & Discovery - Midem 2018
Started From The Bottom, Now Sync is Here - Midem 2018
A Midem Day in the Life: Toya Delazy - Midem 2018
Success in Japan – Entering the Lucrative Japanese Market - Midem 2018
Introduction to Asia - Midem 2018
TV Series: Let's Score Tonight - Midem 2018
Keynote: Hartwig Masuch, BMG - Midem 2018
Keynote: Black Coffee - Midem 2018
Keynote: Jennifer Breithaupt, Citi - Midem 2018
2018: All Eyez On Stream - Midem 2018
Streaming Services: the New A&Rs? - Midem 2018
Breaking Down Boudaries: Africa Express Case Study - Midem 2018
A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action! - Midem 2018
A Thin Line Between Love & Hate - Midem 2018
Step Inside the Hallowed Halls of the Gorillaz House - Midem 2018
Tencent Africa on Streaming: The Blueprint - Midem 2018
Petit Biscuit: Sunrise Lover Around The World - Midem 2018
How Deep Is Your Music Strategy - Midem 2018
Are You Brand Experienced? - Midem 2018
Metadata: ...And Money For All, in Digital Distribution - Midem 2018
Are Smart Speakers Simply New Gadgets? - Midem 2018
Independence & Artist Development in Africa - Midem 2018
Connectivity, Access & Music Distribution - Midem 2018
(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right to Be Visible! - Midem 2018
Streaming's New World Order - Midem 2018
Midem 2018 Day 1 Conference Wrap
Beyond Streaming Giants, Thriving Local Platforms & Rising Markets
Midem Artist Accelerator 2018 Finalists - Midem Community Vote
MIDEM African Forum 2018
African Music Markets - the Next Business Opportunity
Connected by Midem
Great Stories start at Midem - with Panos Panay
Great Stories start at Midem - with Sarah Chanderia
Midem Insights – Caroline Simionescu-Marin, A&R Manager, XL Recordings (UK)
Great Stories start at Midem - with Adham Hunt
Far From Alaska - MAA Success Story
Midem's Immersive Stage by VRtigo
Looking at New Tech to Change How We Consume Music - Midem 2017
VR & Music! - Midem 2017
Digital Marketing Trends - Midem 2017
Chris Price: Evolving Music Discovery - Midem 2017
Getting Your Song Played on the Radio - Midem 2017
Ibeyi: Behind the Scenes of an Export Success Story - Midem 2017
New Tools for Music Export & Policy Making - UK - Midem 2017
Make it in Germany! - Midem 2017
Make in Mexico! - Midem 2017
A Midem Day in the Life 3: Chris Taylor, Entertainment One Music
Midemlab Startup pitch 2 – Music Discovery & Distribution - 2017
Keynote: Chris Taylor, eOne Music - Midem 2017
Keynote: Hans-Holger Albrecht, Deezer - Midem 2017
Copyright Summit – Building Transparent Rights Management Systems - Midem 2017
Keynote: Sarah Stennett, First Access Entertainment - Midem 2017
Copyright Summit – URights: Track and Capture the Value of Online Music - Midem 2017
The Midem Global Trends Wrap 2017
African Music Business: Myths, Realities, Opportunities - Midem 2017
Copyright Summit – The Value Gap: Round II - Midem 2017
Afrobeats goes Global - Midem 2017
French Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen opens Copyright Summit - Midem 2017
Run The Jewels: Making the Most Out of All Marketing Channels - Midem 2017
Messaging Apps, Bots, AI & Music: A New Frontier of Fan Engagement - Midem 2017
A Midem Day in the Life 2: Wyclef Jean
Copyright Summit – Blockchain & Copyright - Midem 2017
Music Island Taiwan - Global Collaboration Factor - Midem 2017
Make It in Chile! - Midem 2017
Getting Around Digital Marketing Tools - Midem 2017
Daddy Yankee: From Local to Global, the Power of Digital - Midem 2017
Copyright Summit – The Future of Copyright - Midem 2017
Best Practices in Digital Marketing - Midem 2017
How Sync & Brand Partnerships Helped French Export - Midem 2017
Midemlab – 10 Years of Music Entrepreneurship - Midem 2017
Keynote: Steve Bartels, Def Jam - Midem 2017
Keynote: Mike Shinoda & Mark Hoppus: Songwriting Live on Stage - Midem 2017
Keynote: Warner Music Group's Christopher & team - Midem 2017
Midemlab 2017 Winners Announcement
Midemlab Startup Pitch 4 – Experiential Technologies - Midem 2017
Perspectives on today’s music economy from the international independent sector - Midem 2017
New Tools for Music Export & Policy Making – The Why Portugal case - Midem 2017
Addressing the Value Gap – The European Perspective - Midem 2017
Midemlab Startup Pitch 3 – Marketing & Data/Analytics - 2017
Make it in Brazil! - Midem 2017
Grey Sync Session: Herbal Essences - Midem 2017
A Midem Day in the Life 1: Andy Ng, Tencent Music Entertainment Group
Independent Music: Cutting Through the Noise, with AIM - Midem 2017
Midemlab Startup Pitch 1 – Music Creation & Education
SynchAudio Sync Session: One Day At A Time/The Night Shift - Midem 2017
Young Label Spotlight - Midem 2017
From Pitch to Placement: The Essentials of Sync Licensing - Midem 2017
France after French Touch - Midem 2017
Keynote: Andy Ng, Tencent - Midem 2017
Keynote: Martine Reicherts, European Commission - Midem 2017
How Distributors & Streaming Services Collaborate - Midem 2017
New Tools for Music Export & Policy Making – Bureau Export Français - Midem 2017
A World Tour of Streaming Services - Midem 2017
IAEL Main Seminar: Tech Disruption and Evolution in the Entertainment Industries - Midem 2017
Music Streaming 2.0 – New Business Models & Emerging Markets - Midem 2017
Focus on the Balkans - Midem 2017
A Roadmap to India - Midem 2017
The IAEL Masterclass : Legal Issues In Contests & Reality TV - Midem 2017
A Roadmap to China - Midem 2017
Independents’ Streaming Strategy - Midem 2017
Stream the Studio: The Next Wave in Subscription Music - Midem 2017
Breaking America: Entering the World’s Toughest Market - Midem 2017
Streaming Services Come of Age – What's Next? - Midem 2017
Midem 2017 Trailer
Just Sync
Make It in the Music Business: Go Global
Find your perfect business match at Midem!
Midem Artist Accelerator Trailer
Great Stories Start at Midem – with Hartwig Masuch (BMG Rights Management)
Great Stories Start at Midem – When Tech Meets Tech
Great Stories Start at Midem - When a Label Meets a Startup
The Midem 2016 Wrap
Bring your Catalogue to the UK - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to France - Midem 2016
The VR Music Experience - Midem 2016
Keynote: Daniel Miller, Mute - Midem 2016
Video Strategy & Monetisation for Every Screen - Midem 2016
A Roadmap to St-A&R-dom - Midem 2016
Keynote: Stu Bergen & Inigo Zabala, WMG, with artist Anitta - Midem 2016
A Midem Day in the Life: Gao Xiaosong, Alibaba Music
The Data-Driven Future of Music - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to South Africa - Midem 2016
Concluding remarks from the European Commission - Midem 2016
Copyright Summit: USA Developments, the Publishers' Perspective - Midem 2016
Copyright Summit: Focus on Latinautor - Midem 2016
The Importance of Getting Metadata Right - Midem 2016
Tapping into Africa, an Emerging Music Market - Midem 2016
Copyright Summit: Building Sustainable Growth - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to China - Midem 2016
How Blockchain can Change the Music Industry - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to Japan - Midem 2016
Copyright Summit: Focus on Armonia - Midem 2016
Music Curation & Playlists, the new battleground - Midem 2016
Where Music & Brands Meet - Midem 2016
Copyright Summit: Entering a New Age of Transparency - Midem 2016
Copyright Summit: What is at Stake with Copyright in 2016 - Midem 2016
What you Sync: Do's & Don'ts - Midem 2016
Livestreaming: Journey to Success - Midem 2016
Grey Sync Session: TJ Maxx - Midem 2016
Brands harnessing Music's power, via streaming & more - Midem 2016
The Art of Pitching & Placing your Artists - Midem 2016
A Midem Day in the Life: Mary Ramos
Music Moves Europe conference - Midem 2016
Midemlab Winners Announcement - Midem 2016
Monetisation of the Global Music Business - Midem 2016
Keynote: Pandora's Tim Westergren, Glassnote's Daniel Glass & artist Flo Morrissey - Midem 2016
Keynote: Mary Ramos, music supervisor to Quentin Tarantino - Midem 2016
Keynote: Jon Platt, Warner/Chapell & songwriter Justin Tranter - Midem 2016
IMPALA's Fiveunderfifteen: How the new generation does business - Midem 2016
Startups & Corporations: from Competition to Coopetition - Midem 2016
Midemlab Pitch: Hardware & the Internet of Things - Midem 2016
Making the Most of your Back Catalogue - Midem 2016
Midemlab Pitch: Marketing, Social Engagement & Monetisation Solutions - Midem 2016
Lessons from Cooking Vinyl - Midem 2016
Visual Social Media: Friend, Foe or Frenemy? Midem 2016
The Legal Update for Entertainment & Technology - Midem 2016
Digital Marketing: What's Next for 2017? By Claire Mas, Communion Music - Midem 2016
Building Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Digital Era - Midem 2016
The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2015-2016 - Midem 2016
Streaming Services, the New Marketing Eldorado - Midem 2016
A Midem Day in the Life: Daniel Glass
The Future is International: Spread the World of Music - Midem 2016
The Next 50 Years of Music Start Today - Midem 2016
Keynote: Neil Warnock, United Talent Agency - Midem 2016
WIN Market Share Launch: The Indie Sector's True Value - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to Brazil - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to Germany - Midem 2016
Midemlab Pitch: Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation - Midem 2016
Bring your Catalogue to the USA - Midem 2016
Digital Aggregator: Find your match, part 1 - Midem 2016
Digital Aggregator: Find your match, part 2 - Midem 2016
New Investors in the music business - Midem 2016
How to be a Successful Music Entrepreneur, with Next Big Sound - Midem 2016
Crowdsourcing: Community is music to the ears - Midem 2016
Digital Radio: Tune in for a World of Opportunities - Midem 2016
Great Stories Start at Midem - Le Galaxie
MIDEM: Pre-Show Preparation Tips
Paul Williams, ASCAP, on "the Digital Age of Music"
Great Stories Start at Midem - with Cooking Vinyl
Great Stories Start at Midem - with Horus Music
Startups Love Midem and Midem Loves Startups !
Jennifer Hanser, Bitly on Leveraging Data in the Music Business
The Value of Music, by Leading Music Industry Experts
The Music Streaming Market, by Leading Music Industry Experts
Natalia Nataskin, United Talent Agency, on "The Live Music Business"
Josh Deutsch on Downtown Records' Impressive Growth
Midem Insights - Benjamin Bailer, President, Globe Art Group
Interview with Juan Atkins: "I wish people would be more open-minded!"
Midem Daily News Show - Day 4
Fair Music: Transparency & Money Flow in the New Music Era - Midem 2015
The Midem Wrap 2015
Keynote: Harvey Goldsmith, Artist Promotion Management - Midem 2015
Keynote: Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud - Midem 2015
Connected Car: The Digital Revolution - Midem 2015
The New Revenue Opportunities of Online Video - Midem 2015
Keynote: Andrus Ansip, European Commission - Midem 2015
The Internet of Music Things - Midem 2015
Midem Daily News - Day 3
Keynote: Juan Atkins, Metroplex - Midem 2015
A "Music City" Road Map - Midem 2015
Keynote: Paul Williams, ASCAP - Midem 2015
Panel: The True Meaning of Independence and Success - Midem 2015
TheMediaShaker Session: Social Media Analysis for #Midem - Midem 2015
Midemlab, Midem Hack Day & Midem Marketing Competition Winners - Midem 2015
The Entrepreneurial Art of Licensing - Midem 2015
The High Revolution Audio - Midem 2015
High Fidelity in a Streaming World: Giles Martin, Sonos - Midem 2015
Keynote: Christophe Muller, YouTube & Denis Ladegaillerie, Believe Digital
Are Your Rights Well Managed on YouTube? - Midem 2015
Artists Speak to Artists: Ryan Leslie, Disruptive MultiMedia - Midem 2015
Big Data Sets the Pace of Music - Midem 2015
Midem Marketing Competition, Part 2 - Midem 2015
Midem Marketing Competition, Part 1 - Midem 2015
Midem Hack Day 2015 - All the Hacks Unveiled
The Essential Guide to Music Marketing - Midem 2015
How MCN's Are Extending Their Reach - Midem 2015
Ballantine's & Boiler Room present "Stay True Journeys" - Midem 2015
Can the Decentralised Ledger of Bitcoin Apply to Music? - Midem 2015
Keynote: Doug Morris, Sony Music Entertainment - Midem 2015
The Future of Social Commerce & Direct Distribution - Midem 2015
Midem Daily News Show - Day 2
Keynote: Arnaud de Puyfontaine, Vivendi - Midem 2015
Keynote: Brian Solis, Altimeter Group - Midem 2015
New Music Ventures in the Convergence Era - Midem 2015
Keynote: Joel Katz, Greenberg Traurig - Midem 2015
Maximising Revenues in BRIC countries - Midem 2015
Japan's Streaming Future - Midem 2015
Midemlab: Hardware & Internet of Things category - Midem 2015
Keynote: Scott Harrison, charity:water - Midem 2015
Keynote: Martin Varsavsky, Fon - Midem 2015
TheMediaShaker's Session: Usages from Boomers to Digital Natives - Midem 2015
Panel: Big Somewhere Else - Midem 2015
Panel: I sync therefore I am - Midem 2015
Midemlab: Marketing, Social Engagement & Monetisation Solutions - Midem 2015
The Music Business Today in Brazil - Midem 2015
Midem Daily News Show - Day 1
The International Impact of Copyright Reforms in the USA - Midem 2015
Midemlab: Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation - Midem 2015
Artist Managers as Entrepreneurs - Midem 2015
Policy, Copyright and Creativity - Midem 2015
Why neighbouring rights matter - Midem 2015
Keynote: Hans-Holger Albrecht, Deezer - Midem 2015
TheMediaShaker's Session: Music Industry Reshuffle - Midem 2015
Keynote: Vania Schlogel, Tidal - Midem 2015
Meeting the Needs of the Always On Fan - Midem 2015
How Digital Innovation Enhances the Live Music Business - Midem 2015
Concrete Tips to Get Your Music Synched - Midem 2015
Midem Hack Day: Call for ideas - Midem 2015
Sony Mobile's Xperia Lounge - Midem 2015
Music Tech Investments in 2014/2015 - Midem 2015
Journey to investment - Midem 2015
A collaboration between Lexus and will.i.am - Midem 2015
Midem 2015 Mobile App
Midem Talks - Doug Scott, Former President, OgilvyEntertainment
Midem Talks - Brian Message, former Chairman, MMF
Why they like Midem: Universal Publishing, Facebook, AIM & more
Midem 2015 Trailer
Midem Talks - Peter Gregson, Cellist, Composer & Founder, Electric Creative Colab
Midem Talks - Mandar Thakur, COO, Times Music
MidemTalks - Geoffrey Hantson, Formerly of Duval Guillaume Modem
Midem Talks - Jean-Noël Tronc, CEO, Sacem
Midem Talks - Ronny Krieger, Monkeytown Records, Native Instruments & Digitally Imported
MidemTalks - Ime Archibong, Strategic Partnerships, Facebook
Midem Talks - Ibrahim Maalouf, Musician & Composer, Founder, Mi'ster Productions
Midem Talks - Horst Weidenmueller, Founder & CEO, !K7 Records
Midem Talks - Benji Rogers, Founder and CEO, Pledge Music
Midem Talks - Andrew Jenkins, EVP, Universal Music Publishing International
MidemTalks - Alison Wenham, Chairman/CEO of the AIM & Chair of WIN
Panel: High-Resolution Music Experience - Midem 2014
Keynote: Seymour Stein, Sire Records - Midem 2014
Interview with Patrick Walker, Base79: Labels are "missing millions" on YouTube
Openmic: Audio & visual streaming for music artists - Midem 2014
MIDEM ZAP by Citizen Cannes / TUESDAY
MIDEM ZAP by Citizen Cannes / MONDAY
MIDEM ZAP by Citizen Cannes / SUNDAY
MIDEM ZAP by Citizen Cannes / SATURDAY
Midem Daily News 4
Panel: Digital Rights & Cross-Border Issues - Midem 2014
The Midem 2014 Wrap
Panel: Modern Licensing Solutions - Midem 2014
Openmic Panel: The Rise of the Musicpreneur - Midem 2014
Interview with CALLmeKAT: The key to fan interaction? Put yourself in their shoes!
Artists Speak to Artists: Ibrahim Maalouf, Mi'ster Productions - Midem 2014
Midem Daily News 3
Building a Loyal and Engaged Audience on YouTube - Midem 2014
Midem Daily News 3
Panel: Next Big Thing in Licensing - Midem 2014
Midem Innovation Show - Midem 2014
Keynote: Jean Michel Jarre, CISAC - Midem 2014
Panel: Multi-Channel Networks
Panel: Big Data, The New Eldorado - Midem 2014
Panel: Building An Artist's Career
Social Media Analytics for Music - Day 3 - Midem 2014
Panel: Developers Are the New Rockstars
Music & Brands Case Study: Replay & Charli XCX - Midem 2014
Keynote: VEVO & Rita Ora - Midem 2014
Openmic: How Can Digital Music Do Better? - Midem 2014
Midem Daily News 2
Panel: The definitive future of the music business - Midem 2014
Keynote: Marc Geiger, WME - Midem 2014
Panel: Fueled by Video Success - Midem 2014
Panel: Sync It or Leave It! - Midem 2014
Midemlab: Direct to Consumer Sales & Content Monetisation - Midem 2014
Artists Speak to Artists: Dynamic Duo & VIXX - Midem 2014
Panel: Who's Investing in Music - Midem 2014
Keynote: Lyor Cohen - Midem 2014
Social Media Analytics for Music - Day 2 - Midem 2014
Midemlab: Marketing & Social Engagement - Midem 2014
Panel: Music & Brands, Growth Opportunities - Midem 2014
Openmic: The Future of Jazz & Classical - Midem 2014
Interview with Kevin Arnold: OpenAura: A new solution for beyond-music assets
Keynote: will.i.am - Midem 2014
Interview with Believe Digital's Lee Morrison: Back to growth?
Interview with Dynamic Duo: "Technology makes it easier for us to connect with peers & fans"
Midem Daily News 1
Keynote: Olivier Francois, Chrysler Group
Midemlab: Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation pitches - Midem 2014
Ogilvy Sync Session: Philips Sound - Midem 2014
Panel: Streaming, a Sustainable Platform for Artists? - Midem 2014
Social Media Analytics for Music - Day 1 - Midem 2014
Panel: Industry Talks Opening - Midem 2014
Artists Speak to Artists: Peter Gregson, Electric Creative CoLab - Midem 2014
Panel: How Labels Reinvent Fan Engagement - Midem 2014
Midem Hack Day: Call for ideas - Midem 2014
The Best of Branded Entertainment in 2013 - Midem 2014
James BKS: Building a successful DIY artist career
Paul Miler, aka DJ Spooky: How mobile will change the artist's experience
Alain Lanceron, Virgin Classics: The state of the classical music industry
Who needs labels? Liz Miller of Big Beat Records answers
Who needs labels? Rather: "Who's doing the investment?" says !K7's Horst Weidenmuller
Midem: The Series (teaser)
Who needs labels? Black Butter's Ollie Wood answers
Who needs Labels? Black Hole Recordings' Bas Kruijssen answers
Mark Hoppus, Blink 182: Why Artists Must Have a DIY Mentality
Jim Selby, Naxos: A New Era of Growth For the Music Industry
Midem trailer 2014
Midem The Series - Episode 4/4: Bringing it home
Midem The Series - Episode 3/4: Wrapping it up
Midem The Series - Episode 2/4: Doing "the Magical Midem Thing"
Midem The Series - Episode 1/4: Touching Down
Midem Trailer 2013-2014 (short)
Midem Trailer 2013-2014
C2C at midem festival 2013
Midem Academy - Education & Music Business
Midem festival report
Drunken Tiger & T / MFBTY at midem festival 2013
Madness at midem festival 2013
Balthazar at midem festival 2013
Yes Sir Boss at midem festival 2013
Lou Doillon at midem festival 2013
Endah N Rhesa at midem festival 2013
Birdy Hunt at midem festival 2013
Asaf Avidan at midem festival 2013
Archive at midem festival 2013
Talking music, brands and content monetisation with Will Sansom, Contagious
Who needs labels? Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite answers
Talking direct-to-consumers and audience engagement with Paul Van Dyk
Talking music and brand partnerships with Olivier Robert-Murphy, Universal Music
How music embraces new technologies, with Nick Bailey, AKQA
Talking bands, brands and revenues with Future Music Coalition
Talking music and brands with Jon Cohen, Cornerstone
Talking artists, brands, tech & content with Joe Belliotti, Coca-Cola
Talking artists' remuneration with Patrick Walker, formerly of YouTube
Talking about artists' careers, with Alex White, Next Big Sound
Artist Zoe Keating and Dave Haynes, SoundCloud talk music
MIDEM 2013 by Citizen Cannes
Midemlab -- D2C sales & monetisation startup pitches - Midem 2013
Panel: Understanding International Digital Music Licensing - Midem 2013
GRD, it's Started! - Midem 2013
Conversation: Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Music Group - Midem 2013
Midem 2013: The Wrap
Music & Brands Reebok Case Study, feat. Orelsan - Midem 2013
D2F from A to Z -- Publishing: Downtown & peermusic - Midem 2013
Music & Brands panel: The Ting Tings & "MINI UNITED" - Midem 2013
The Business of Audio Branding - Midem 2013
Digital Workshop: tumblr, Ministry of Sound & Fame House - Midem 2013
Zap 3 at Midem by Citizen Cannes
A Roadmap to Navigate Music Marketing - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Zap 2 Midem by Citizen Cannes
Zap 1 Midem by Citizen Cannes
Workshop: Music Video Strategies - Midem 2013
Panel: Collective Rights Management in Europe: Warner, EC & CISAC - Midem 2013
Innovation in Mobile Music: Pandora, HTC, UMG & SK Planet - Midem 2013
Music & Brands Case Study -- The Ford Experience: Bands in Transit - Midem 2013
Artists Speak to Artists -- Jamal Edwards, SB.TV - Midem 2013
D2F from A to Z -- Promotion: Glenn Miller, CAA - Midem 2013
Brand Entertainment & Music: Value Creation for Brands - Midem 2013
Closing performance: DJ Spooky - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Panel: How the Music Industry Manages Innovation - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Music & Brands Case Study - Heineken's "Sensation in Asia" - Midem 2013
Lang Lang - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
John Hayes, American Express - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Next Gen Labels: Beyond the Hype Factor - Midem 2013
Discover Midemlab 2013's winners! - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Samsung & Ford: Towards a Connected Life - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Robert Scoble: Music in the Age of Context - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Discover the Midem Marketing Competition winners! - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Tech & Brands debate, with Theophilus London & Nokia - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Rémi Babinet, BETC - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Activision Music Pitch Session - Midem 2013
Opening remarks: Alice Tumler - Midem Visionary Monday 2013
Tips for Entrepreneurs from the Best of BizSpark Startups
Artists Speak to Artists -- Meet with Timati - Midem 2013
Music as Data-Informed Business - Midem 2013
Interview with Olivier de Simone: from Webdoc to Urturn
Midem Hack Day -- All the Apps Unveiled - Midem 2013
Panel: Winning Strategies to Approach Brands & Agencies - Midem 2013
Interview with midem marketing competition winner Zoltan Istvanffy, Team Red
Interview with midem marketing competition winner Gabe McDonough, Leo Burnett
Artists Speak to Artists: Blink-182's Mark Hoppus - Midem 2013
How to Get a VC Excited about Partnering with You - Midem 2013
Interview with midemlab winner Stageit's CEO Evan Lowenstein
Interview with midemlab winner Jamplify's CEO Andy Pickens
Panel: Next Gen Retailers: The Real World Strikes Back!
Artists Speak to Artists: Kellee Maize, Drunken Tiger & T
Workshop: Using Mobile Apps in Successful D2F Campaign
Artists Speak to Artists: DJ Spooky - Midem 2013
Panel: APIs, SDKs & NDAs: How to Play Effectively - Midem 2013
Midem Marketing Competition: Best Music in Commercials - Midem 2013
Midem Marketing Competition: Best Music Marketing Campaigns - Midem 2013
Interview with midemlab winner Eyat Eldar, instruMagic
Midemlab -- Marketing & Social Engagement startup pitches - Midem 2013
Interview with MFBTY's Tiger JK, t Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy - midem 2013
D2F from A to Z -- Distribution: Ariel Hyatt, Cyber PR - Midem 2013
Midemlab: Discovery, Recommendation & Creation startup pitches - Midem 2013
Artists Speak to Artists -- Meet with Schiller - Midem 2013
Next Gen Managers panel - Midem 2013
Music & Brands Case Study -- Universal Music & Paco Rabanne - Midem 2013
Crowdfunding Success Workshop: Ulule & PledgeMusic - Midem 2013
Interview with Enda N Rhesa: The more you give your fans, the more you get!
Music & Brands Case Study: Moxie, Brisa Roché & Swarovski - Midem 2013
Midem Hack Day -- 3rd Edition - Midem 2013
Artists Speak to Artists: Julia Nunes - Midem 2013
Pitching to the Media: Martin Bryant, The Next Web - Midem 2013
Art & Advertising: Using Music to Convey a Message, with Tribal DDB - Midem 2013
Music as Currency in a Branded World Phil Quartararo, Guvera - Midem 2013
D2F from A to Z -- Recording, with Kevin Wortis (mgr, Amanda Palmer) - Midem 2013
Julia Nunes at Direct 2 Fan Camp
Interview with Archive's Dave Pen, ahead of the band's midem festival concert, Jan 28, 2013
European Commissioner Michel Barnier on music & copyright, pre-midem 2013
Who needs labels? FUGA's Martijn Tjho replies
Will Clark 2
Alex White Midem Visionary Monday Clip
Interview with Madness' Graham "Suggs" McPherson & Chris Foreman, pre-midem festival 2013
Coca Cola "Move to the Beat" documentary trailer
Interview: Universal Music's Olivier Robert Murphy on music+brand partnerships
midem 2013 trailer: Visionary monday
Who needs labels? And why do labels need midem? Daniel Glass answers
Who needs labels? The David Gresham Co's Andrew Mitchley answers
Who needs labels? Hospital Records' Matt Riley answers
Why I come to midem: Tommy Boy's Tom Silverman
Who needs labels? Tommy Boy's Tom Silverman answers
Why DIY doesn't mean going it alone: Ian Rogers & Emily White
Who needs labels? Ministry of Sound's Lucy Blair answers...
midem 2013 hack day
"Every musician can be a radio station"; Lang Lang on audience engagement - by midem
Lang Lang: "There's got to be something that touches our heart" - midem interview teaser
midem 2013 trailer: tech professionals
midem 2013 trailer: brands professionals
midem 2013 trailer: artists
What is audience engagement? YouTube, Paul van Dyk, AKQA, Contagious & more reply
midem 2013 trailer (edit)
midem 2013 trailer (full)
How Startups can impress investors: An interview with Ventech's Audrey Soussan
midem festival 2012 report
Imany, "Where have you been": live at midem festival 2012
Orelsan, "La Terre est ronde": live at midem festival 2012
Skip the Use, "Ghost": live at midem festival 2012
midemlab: startups & app developers competition
The Ting Tings, 'Hang it up': live at midem festival 2012
Brigitte, 'Battez-vous': live at midem festival 2012
Kaas chante Piaf
Inspirational Music & Brand Partnerships - Air France Music: 'The Shuffle Song' - midem 2012
Emily Gonneau interviews Martin Frascogna, Entertainment Attorney in the USA
Tips on Marketing and Promotion for Classical Music Artists
Artists Speak to Artists: Joss Stone - midem 2012
Debate -- Understanding Marketing in a Networked Society
Ian Rogers' Closing Remarks - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Training session - How to Raise Funds For Your Own Start-Up
Marketing Soundbox - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Dan Rose, Facebook - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Discover the midem Marketing Campaign Competition Winner - Visionary Monday 2012
Will Sansom: Marketing for People, Not for Robots - midem 2012 Visionary Monday
Mark Mulligan: Agile Music - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Artists Speak to Artists: Meet Zoë Keating @zoecello - midem 2012
How To Work With the Fab Four: Merlin, UMG, Amazon & Google - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Emily Gonneau interviews Jacky Sung of FNC Artist Management, Seoul, South Korea
Bas Grasmayer: An Interconnected Ecosystem of Fans - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Emily Gonneau interviews Stephen Garvan, IMMF Director of Global Communications
Mark Ronson, artist & Wendy Clark, The Coca-Cola Company - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Interview with Facebook's Dan Rose: 5 billion songs shared... what next?
Mike Masnick: A Totally Positive Look at the State of the Industry - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Ideal Routes to a Sustainable Music Career - midem Visionary Monday 2012
The New Power Trio: Bands, Brands and Revenue - midem Visionary Monday 2012
midem hack day: All the Apps Unveiled
midem hack day: The Two Best Apps Unveiled - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Mikael Hed, Rovio - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Discover 2012 midemlab's Winners - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Welcome - midem Visionary Monday 2012
Getty Images presents GuestList, with Joss Stone
Microsoft BizSpark Training session - Tips for Entrepreneurs
midemlab winner category 3: Christoph Thür, Ovelin (D2C Sales & Content Monetisation)
midemlab winner category 2: Tim Ganschow, Crowdsurfing (Marketing & Social Engagement)
midemlab winner category 1: Rahul Powar, MPme (Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation)
midemlab Pitch Session -- Direct-To-Consumer Sales and Content Monetisation
Artists Speak to Artists -- Meet Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai) - midem 2012
Emily Gonneau speaks to Nis Bogvad of Music Sales Group Scandinavia, Copenhagen Denmark
Emily Gonneau speaks to Zeng Yu of Pilot Records, China
midemlab Pitch Session -- Marketing and Social Engagement
Neil Tinegate, OpenEMI: interview part 2 - midem 2012
Neil Tinegate, OpenEMI: interview part 1 - midem 2012
Commerce or Chaos: Why does Copyright still Matter Online?
Interview with Zoe Keating part 2: On streaming & artists getting paid - midem 2012
Interview with Zoe Keating part 1: "Communicating with fans IS selling" - midem 2012
Emily Gonneau interviews Oocto - midem 2012 videoblogging
Music & Brands Partnerships: Coca-Cola & Music Dealers - midem 2012
Artists Speak to Artists: Meet Javier Limón - midem 2012
midem Marketing Campaign Competition
midemlab Pitch Session: Music Discovery, Recommendation and Creation
Gerd Leonhard interviews Techdirt's Mike Masnick
Gerd Leonhard midem 2012 videoblogging intro: from Ego to Eco
Ian Rogers interviews Rich Bengloff of A2IM
Ian Rogers interviews Ralph Simon and Shamal Ranasinghe at midem
Ian Rogers interviews Dmitry from StoryAmp
Ian Rogers speaks to Olivier from Webdoc
Martyn Davies: midem hack day 2012 is go!
midem hack day -- Introducing The Second midem hack day
Developing a D2F Mindset: Skills and Tactics - midem 2012
Training session - Pitching Your Startup or App to the Media - MIDEM 2012
Conversation with Colin Lester, Twenty First Artists | MIDEM 2011
Interview avec les Ting Tings, pré-midem festival!
Interview with The Ting Tings: "Doing it all ourselves is our identity"
The Ting Tings: See you at midem festival!
Interview with Soundcloud's Alexander Ljung: How streaming, apps & APIs made our year
Their ideal midem!
Why D2F? Artists, Managers and Experts answer
midem Hack Day 2011: Meet the Hackers
midem Hack Day 2011: The Hacks, showcased
Interview with exfm's Marshall Jones: Your favourite mp3 blog tunes, in the cloud
GigaOM's Paul Walborsky: Advice for midemlab startups
Bruno Crolot: Why startups should enter midemlab
Olivier Webdoc's ideal midem
Rynda's ideal midem
Anne's ideal midem
Anma's ideal midem
Dan Southern, Contagious: Managing music & brands' expectations
MidemNet Lab 2011 winners 2 months later
Interview with Alex White, Next Big Sound: leading the way for music startups
Interview with Vevo's Rio Caraeff: "Music is one of the few things that can engage billions"
midem 2012: connected by music
Interview with Tim Heineke, Shuffler.fm: Simplicity is key for music startups
Interview with Discovr's David McKinney: "Companies get noticed when they make great things"
Gerd Leonhard: Bakers not (just) Eaters: the new music ecosystem
Interview with James Vincent McMorrow: "Everything I've done has been DIY"
James Vincent McMorrow - This Old Dark Machine (live)
Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (live)
Interview with Dave Haynes, Soundcloud and Matt Ogle, Echo Nest
Interview with Emily White: "Building the business around the artists," without labels
Interview with Steve Savoca, Domino: "It's about being one year ahead"
Interview with PJ Bloom, Neophonic: "Everyone's looking to licensing"
Interview: Michael Doernberg, ReverbNation | MIDEM2011
Interview with Michael Behm, Premier Publishing: "Things are normalising" - MIDEM 2011
Interview: Michael Behm, Premier Publishing | MIDEM2011
Interview: Katrina McMullan, Mattel | MIDEM2011
Interview with Vodafone's Lee Epting: "Music has to be inherent part of mobile experience"
Interview: Eric Garland, BigChampagne Compagny | MIDEM2011
Interview: Ian Rogers, Topspin | MIDEM2011
Interview: Edward Averdieck, Real World | MIDEM2011
Interview: Adrian Pope, PIAS | MIDEM2011
Puggy - I do (live)
Saul Williams - Look to the sun (live)
Interview with David Guetta: "Music is not facing any difficulties" — MIDEM 2011
Interview with Adrian Pope, PIAS — MIDEM 2011
Interview with Alicen Schneider, NBC Universal: "The biggest value sync brings is exposure"
Panel: Navigating the Wide World of Sync | MIDEM 2011
Towards Music Ubiquity -- Takeshi's Route | MidemNet 2011
Publishing Summit: WIPO's Global View on Copyright | MIDEM 2011
Panel: Music & Brands' Innovative Partnerships | MIDEM 2011
Conversation with Vodafone's Lee Epting and Foursquare's Naveen Selvadurai | MidemNet 2011
Conversation with PJ Bloom, Music Supervisor of "Glee"
Bb app test
Interview: Imogen Heap on her first ever crowdsourced song
10 Commandments for Successfully Running a Label | MIDEM 2011
Conversation with Daniel Miller (Mute) & Glen Barros (Concord) - MIDEM 2011
Panel: The Next 200 Years of Music Publishing - MIDEM 2011
MidemNet Lab 2011 Winners Announcement
MidemNet Lab pitch 3 of 3: B2C Startups
Interview: MidemNet Lab winners Jammbox, Next Big Sound & Shuffler.fm
Anthony Addis & Jamie Kitman: Managing Muse & OK Go | MIDEM 2011
Panel: Digital Services & Authors' Society Partnerships - MIDEM 2011
Interview with Mark Mulligan, Forrester Research: finding industry's bright SPARC
Manager Summit: Optimising Opportunities for Artists | MIDEM 2011
Interview with Virginie Berger, Don't Believe the Hype: "We must think differently"
IAEL session: Live Entertainment in the Digital Age (edit) - MIDEM 2011
Introducing the New Music Developer Ecosystem - MIDEM 2011
Music & Brands: Coke, K'naan & 2010 FIFA World Cup Campaign | MIDEM 2011
Panel: Opportunities in Social Music Gaming MIDEM 2011
MidemNet Lab pitch 2 of 3: B2B Startups
Interview with Alex Ljung, Soundcloud
Interview with Martyn Davies, Universal, at MIDEM Hack Day
Conversation with Tim Schaaff, Sony Network Entertainment | MidemNet 2011
Panel: Going Cloud or Getting Cloudy? | MidemNet 2011
Case Study: Music Licensing Crash Test | MidemNet 2011
Conversation with Jean-Bernard Lévy, Vivendi | MidemNet 2011
Interview: Foursquare's Naveen Selvadurai on music & location services
Conversation with Saul Klein, Index Ventures | MidemNet 2011
Viewpoint: Towards Music Ubiquity -- Ralph's Route | MidemNet 2011
Conversation with David Guetta, Artist & Producer | MidemNet 2011
Panel: Reinventing the Music Biz | MidemNet 2011
Keynote: Francis Gurry, WIPO | MidemNet 2011
Forrester Research Presentation: Getting Out of The Digital Music Impasse | MidemNet 2011
Interview with Ariel Publicity's Ariel Hyatt: helping artists leverage social media
Viewpoint: Towards Music Ubiquity -- Harvey's Route | MidemNet 2011
Panel: Marketing to Fans -- The New Mix | MidemNet 2011
Artists at Work: Imogen Heap & OK Go's Damian Kulash | MidemNet 2011
Saul Klein interview: Investing in the new generation of music companies
Gerd Leonhard: Beyond Music - MidemNet 2011
Towards Music Ubiquity -- Terry's Route
Viewpoint: Towards Music Ubiquity -- Ted's Route | MidemNet 2011
Meet a Hacker: Soundcloud's Eric Wahlforss
MidemNet Lab Finalists' Future Visions - Consumer Services
NRJ Music Awards 2011 (French)
MidemNet Lab Finalists' Future Visions - Industry Services
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Live Music | Monetising the Concert Experience in its Whole
TuneWiki (USA) - Amnon Sarig | MidemNet Lab 2010
Tracks & Fields (Germany) - Christian Mix-Linzer | MidemNet Lab 2010
Thesixtyone (USA) - James Miao | MidemNet Lab 2010
Streamjam-The Electric Sheep Company (USA) - Chris Carella | MidemNet 2010
Songkick.com (UK) - Ian Hogarth | MidemNet Lab 2010
Radionomy (Belgium-France) - Yves Baudechon | MidemNet Lab 2010
Pops Worldwide (Vietnam) - Esther Nguyen | MidemNet Lab 2010
Kickstarter (USA) - Yancey Strickler | MidemNet Lab 2010
GoMix (UK) - Oliver Barnes | MidemNet Lab 2010
Digiclef-Release Consulting (UK) - Jennifer Haslam-James | MidemNet Lab 2010
Band Metrics (USA) - Duncan Freeman | MidemNet Lab 2010
Aviary (USA) - Alan Queen | MidemNet Lab 2010
MIDEM 2011 promo trailer
Radiohead's Ed O'Brien interview | Part 2 | MIDEM 2010 exclusive
Radiohead's Ed O'Brien interview | Part 1 | MIDEM 2010 exclusive
Radiohead's Ed O'Brien interview | Part 3 | MIDEM 2010 exclusive
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Gap 'Born To Play' Case Study -- Using Music to Engage Consumers & Employees
MidemNet 2010 keynote | Artists & Social Media | Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz & Ning's Gina Bianchini
MIDEM 2010 Panel | The 2010 IAEL Seminar | The Future of Digital Licensing
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Nascar Case Study | Turning Sport Music into a New Revenue Stream
MIDEM 2010 | Andrew Keen on The Role of the Publisher in the Internet Age
MIDEM 2010 Panel | From Classical to Pop Music: Future Landscape of Artist Management
MIDEM 2010 | Conversation with Masao Morita, Sony Music Entertainment Japan
MidemNet 2010 | Monetising Music: What Works for Ted Cohen?
MidemNet 2010 | Monetising Music: What Works for Bruce Houghton?
MIDEM 2010 | Edgar Berger, Sony Music & Marek Lieberberg, Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur
MidemNet 2010 Panel | Do's & Don'ts - Labels & Digital Services' Deals
MIDEM 2010 Panel | When Top Brands Unveil their Music Strategy
MidemNet 2010 | Monetising Music - What Works for Harvey Goldsmith
MidemNet 2010 | Monetising Music: What Works for Terry McBride?
MidemNet 2010 | Monetising Music: What Works for Ralph Simon?
MidemNet 2010 | Panel New Models at Work - The Artists' Perspective
MIDEM 2010 | Conversation with David Renzer, Universal Music Publishing Group
MidemNet 2010 | Conversation with Jonathan Klein, Getty Images & Mika Salmi, Sulake/Habbo
MidemNet 2010 | Conversation with David Jones, Havas Worldwide-Euro RSCG Worldwide
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Converse, Pepsi & Cornerstone: Sharing a Vision of Music in Marketing
MIDEM 2010 | Conversation with Michael Gudinski, Mushroom Group of Companies
MidemNet 2010 | Conversation with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Eastman Kodak Company
MidemNet 2010 | Conversation with Peter Gelb, The Metropolitan Opera
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Who Owns the Consumer?
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Searching for New Business Models -- Indies Show the Way
MidemNet 2010 | Conversation with Daniel Ek, Spotify & Patrick Walker, YouTube
MidemNet 2010 | Conversation with Pharrell Williams
MIDEM 2010 Panel | Developing an Artist's Career in Today's Digital Era
MIDEM 2010 | Conversation with Owen Van Natta, MySpace
MidemNet 2010 Panel | Apps & Music - Turning a New Phenomenon into a Financial Reality
Amanda Palmer | The Dresden Dolls | MIDEM Interview
Steve Purdham | We7 | MIDEM 2010 Interview
Barnie Cho | DFSB Kollective | MIDEM 2010 Interview
U2 manager Paul McGuinness Interview | Part 2 | MIDEM exclusive
U2 manager Paul McGuinness Interview | Part 1 | MIDEM exclusive
Paul Degooyer | MTV | MIDEM 2010 Interview
Elizabeth Schimel, Nokia | MIDEM Interview
Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment | MIDEM Interview
Pete Watson, BlackBerry | MIDEM Interview
John Rudolph, Bug Music | MIDEM Interview
Mathieu Drouin, Crystal Math Management | MIDEM Interview
Noush Skaugen, artist | MIDEM Interview
Gerrit Meier, Clear Channel Radio | MIDEM Interview
Jonathan Klein, Getty Images | MIDEM Interview
Michael Gudinski, Mushroom Group of Companies | MIDEM Interview
Henrik Rasmussen, Roskilde Festival | MIDEM Interview
Emmanuel Seugé, The Coca-Cola Company | MIDEM Interview
Adrian Pope, PIAS | MIDEM Interview



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