Enock Mwita Nkaina


Enock Nkaina is a music teacher and a choir trainer at University of Dar es Salaam Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

He is capable of composing new songs, translating old hymns, arranging and re-arranging music notes, training vocals, and conducting a choir.

Since 2011 he has taught different choirs and singing groups. Among the groups he has taught include University of Dar es Salaam Seventh-Day Adventist Church Choir, Sokoine University of Agriculture SDA Students Choir known as TUCASA Choir, Mazimbu SDA Church Choir, Mji Mwema SDA Church Choir, and Golani SDA Youth Church Choir.

Enock is also able to sing. He also teaches music.

As a composer, he has composed more than fifty songs, translating more than hundred songs, arranging songs more than thirty from other close composers, re-arranging more than ten songs and many others. Currently Enock is preparing a book with songs that he has worked on.

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Enock Nkaina