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Canny One was born Denzel Chaguluka on 8 March 1993. His career as an artist began in 2005. His desire to become a musician was instilled in him by his brother who back in the days was a rapper. At 8, he joined a church choir at Zomba Cathedral where they practiced three times a week. This helped him to sharpen his voice and prepare his way ahead. As he grew up, his passion for music developed and he was prompted to establish a music group called Soldiers of Righteousness. The group was made up of four boys and he was a guitarist and lead vocalist.

The foursome performed at weddings and other functions around villages. The group lasted for a year but he didn't give up on his dreams. Two years later, he and his Zimbabwean cousin Ben Chikowi started another crew called Zimbabwe Boys. The group didn't last, it crumbled when his cousin left for his home country. Denzel pursued his passion for music and recorded his debut single ‘Matamando’ at Rough Records. The song only received airplay for three weeks. This prompted him take his single at Matalala Records for marketing. The single did very well and he signed to the recording stable.

In 2010, he released his second single ‘Vina’. The song enjoyed three months airplay on many local radio stations.


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Canny One
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