Bert Flint Museum


Located in Derb Saka, Marrakesh, Morocco, Bert Flint Museum is named after Bert Flint, who assembled the museum’s beautiful collection. Bert Flint was an art historian from Denmark who spent much time in Morocco and saw fit to assemble this impressive collection. The museum’s collection focuses mainly on the popular traditions of two areas within Morocco’s boundaries – that of the Souss Valley and the Sahara. Hence they are a positive reflection of the culture and way of life of people from these areas.

While the museum may seem to have a strong emphasis on theatrical arts, it certainly is not limited to this and the collection is a tribute to past cultures more than anything else. The collection has a good selection of fabrics, textiles and theatrical costumes – a compilation that is certainly complimented by a fine selection of historical musical instruments from the same time period and regions of Morocco.

The decorative arts display and the folk art exhibit are a visual feast. For those with an interest in weaponry and war, the armaments collection should not be missed. The museum displays are a part of the municipal theatre. It should also be noted that there is another facet of the museum that is located in Agadir.



Bert Flint Museum
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