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Banele Mlungu solo artist from South Africa.


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bunny - haters back off (Official Audio)
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bunny - Christmas (Official Audio)
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bunny - success (Official Audio)
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bunny - Posh (Offical Audio)


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Lil bitch
bunny - money trash (Official Audio)


bunny - haters back off (Official Audio)
bunny - Christmas (Official Audio)
bunny - success (Official Audio)
bunny - Posh (Offical Audio)
Back to Peppa Pig Edit this time it’s hella hilarious ❤️�.
bunny - rumours (Official Audio)
My Fan Base is officially called honey bunnies!!! Through all of my social media accounts
bunny - sweet country side part 1(Official Audio)
bunny - look at your facts straight please (Official Audio)
Bunny - omg (Official Audio)
bunny - i got it (Official Audio)
bunny - memories (Official Audio)
bunny practice singing voice
bunny - motivation (Official Audio)
bunny - Old Days (Official Audio)
bunny - shopping (Official Audio)
bunny - smile on your face (Official Audio)
bunny - voice (Official Audio)
bunny - Attention Warning Part 2 (Official Audio)
bunny - royalty part 1 (Official Audio)
bunny - solar system power (Official Audio)
bunny - Rock and Roll � (Official Audio)
bunny - Attention Warning (Visualizer)
bunny - Attention Warning (Official Audio)
bunny - turn back to dust (Official Audio)
bunny - Español (Official Audio)
bunny - en mi mente (Official Audio)
bunny - bubbles work (Official Audio)
bunny - six figures (Official Audio)
bunny - cash money (Audio)
Bunny - paradise (Official Audio)#PlatinumBunnyRecords #bunny
bunny - go away (Part 3) Audio
I’m ranked 123,515 for my acting career I’m officially a true celebrity
beauty influencer Vlog
bunny - mistakes are made for me (Official Audio)
bunny - hot (Official Audio)
My real fans in total I miss calculated my fans the last time that I posted on about my fans
I’m scorching popular
bunny - bitch I'm better than you (Official Audio) soundtrack of Astrology Album track no 2
bunny - may (Official Audio)
if Banele is friends with the kardashians (part 1)
bunny - go away (part 2) Official Audio)
bunny - i made it in life (Official Audio) Astrology Album Edition Soundtrack
Banele fans in total through all of his social media accounts (updated)
bunny - all hands on me (Official Audio)
bunny - Dark (Official Music Video)
bunny - dark (Official Audio)
bunny - never let me down (Official Audio)
Bunny as a police officer
Counselling with Dr Rukshana (Season 1-Episode 1)
bunny - Goodbye for Good (Official Audio)
bunny - break up with you (Official Audio)
bunny - smooth (Official Music Video)
bunny - broken heart (Official Audio)
bunny - Liar (official Audio)
bunny - everything (Official Audio)
bunny - money (Official Audio)
bunny - cash (Official Audio)
bunny - i don't have time for you ( Official Audio)
bunny - rags (Official Audio)
bunny - valentine (Official Audio)
bunny - happy (Official Audio)
bunny - 1 (Official Audio)
bunny - Why (Official Audio)
bunny - Thank You (Official Audio)
queen slayer - S1 EP 6
bunny - jealous (Official Audio)
bunny - Sad Defense (Official Audio)
Banele - Slay Queen (Official Audio)
bunny - 8 (Official Audio)
I edited a peppa pig episode because I feel like to
bunny - electro pop (Official Audio)
bunny - Triangle Eye (Official Audio)
bunny - break up with your boyfriend, I'm bored
bunny - end (Official Audio)
bunny - work hard (Official Audio)
bunny - telemundo
bunny - Rolex Queen (Official audio)
bunny - Rolex Queen ( Official Audio)
bunny - 3 years anniversary (Official Audio)
banele - don't need to worry (Official Audio)
bunny - give me some more (Official Audio
bunny - build up (Official Audio)
bunny - plastic (Official Audio)
bunny - everything you got me (Official Audio)
bunny - focus (Official Audio)
naughty children and the teacher left the classroom and the teacher go home
bunny - confident (Official Audio)
bunny - gun of the lies (Official Audio)
bunny - Angel in love (Official Audio)
bunny - let's go (Official Audio)
bunny - You (Official Audio)
bunny - push hard (Official Audio)
bunny - Cruel (Official Audio)
bunny - go away (Official Music Video)
bunny - opportunity (Official Audio)
bunny - Rose (Official Audio)
bunny - Love (Official Audio)
bunny - la la di da (Official Audio)
bunny - my birthday (Official Audio)
bunny - king bunny (Official Audio)
bunny - Emotions (Official Audio)
bunny - gold (Official Audio)
bunny - goodbye ft Strange Happiness (Official Audio)
bunny - don't say you sorry bih (Official Audio)
bunny - Advantages (Official Audio)
bunny - not trustworthy (Official Audio)
bunny - pour it up (Official Audio)
Queen slayer new intro - S1- Ep6
bunny - Rose Gold 1 (Official Audio)
Comedy on celebrity got talent show
Bunny - energy (Official Audio)
bunny - juicy love (Official Audio)
bunny - mamela (Official Audio)
bunny - don’t worry (Official Audio)
01 September 2020
bunny - coconut (Official Audio)
bunny - successful (Official Audio)
Room Tour
bunny - go away (Official Audio)
bunny - 17 (Official Audio)
bunny - smooth (Official Audio)
bunny - weh party (Official Audio)
bunny - 16 (Official Audio)
bunny - 15 (Official Audio)
bunny - Ivosho (Official Audio)
bunny - but you want me to be cool (Alternative Version)#vevo
bunny - Rose Gold (Official Audio)
Enchanted - S1 - Ep3
bunny - boss (Audio)
bunny - strange things (Alternative version)
bunny - colours of brightness (Official Audio)
bunny - summer (Official Video)
bunny - you’re special [Official Audio]
Banele - Joy (Official Audio)
Keeping up with the social media influencers -Ep1 - S1
bunny - future (Official Audio)
bunny - shining like a star (Official Audio)
bunny - jungle (Official Audio) Gqom version
bunny - junk space (Official Audio) (Alternative version)
Peppa pig edit
bunny - spin (Official Audio)
bunny - bad guy (Official Audio) Alternative version
bunny - stop (Official Audio)
bunny - summer (Official Audio)
queen slayer - S1 - Ep5
bunny - content Pool (Official Audio)
queen slayer - S1 - Ep 4
bunny - fractions (Official visualizer)
bunny - Lowkey (Official Audio)
bunny - Nike (Official Audio)
bunny - xolisa (Official Video)
vlog 4
bunny - H.E.A.R.T (Official Audio)
bunny - work (Official Audio)
bunny - In time (Official Audio)
bunny - tennis player (Official Audio)
bunny - feelings (Official Audio)
bunny - powerful proud (Official Audio)
bunny - throne (Official Audio)
bunny - L.O.V.E (Official Audio)
bunny - my vibes (Official Audio)
I edited an episode of Peppa Pig because I was bored
bunny - Line of my life (Official Audio)
bunny - bye (Official Audio)
bunny - don't mess up me (Official Audio)
naughty children in class be like
bunny - Money$ (Official Audio)
bunny - bars (Official Audio)
bunny - pansexual (Official Audio)
bunny - cute and sexy boys (Official Audio)
bunny - Block Me (Official Audio)
bunny - bananas (Official Audio)
bunny - war fire (Official Audio)
bunny - give me the party (Official Video)
bunny - bad (Official Audio)
bunny - panda party (Official Audio)
bunny - idfc (Official Audio)
bunny - 10x (Official Audio)
Sun kissed☀️❤️
bunny - dance (Official Audio)
Car shop VS KFC (Parody)
bunny - destiny (Official Audio)
bunny - dance (Official Audio) #vevo
bunny - I'm so precious (Official Audio)
bunny - Gqom (Official Audio)
bunny - colours of you (Official Audio)
bunny - call me Queen of hoe ( Official video)
Keeping up with bitches S1 - Ep1
bunny - 123 (Official Audio)
bunny - done (Official Audio)
bunny - play me (Official Music Video)
bunny - royalty things (Official Audio)
Monster high edit��.
Brainy smurf is bipolar❤️��.#smurfs
bunny - show him (Official Audio)#SouthAfricanbestArtist
bunny - Bad Love (Official Audio)
bunny - call me queen of hoe (Official Audio)
bunny - moonlight (Official Audio)
The hiv baby
bunny - I’ll teach ya a lesson (Official Audio)
bunny - something like this (Official Audio) Dark Radio Album 1
bunny - bitches (Official Audio)
bunny - fake shit (Official Audio)
bunny - vampire (Official Audio)
Gadeejah season - 1 episode - 2 lekker lag jou dag is lekker elke dag��.
bunny - Banele (Official Audio)
bunny - Don’t mess with me (Official Audio)
Snaps of me❤️��.
bunny - Jedi (Official Audio)
bunny - marry me ( music video)
bunny - money trash (Official Audio)
bunny - trap moves (Official Music video)
bunny - trap moves (Official Audio)
bunny’s cooking
bunny - I’m not your toy (Official Audio)
bunny - hype song 2020 (Official Audio)
queen slayer - S1 - Ep3
Keeping up with bunny S1 - Ep1 (introduction)
bunny - choir of screech (Official Audio)
bunny - single (Official Audio)
bunny - I’m feeling you (Official Audio)
bunny - Ndifuna ukuphinda ndibelane ngesondo kwakhona ❤️�‍♀️�☀️�
queen slayer - S1 - Ep2
queen slayer - S1 - Ep1
bunny - don't bunny this (Official Audio)
bunny - kill (official video)
bunny - baby (Official Audio)
bunny - I'm being me (Official video)
bunny - do you know (official video)
Enchanted - S1 - Ep2
fashion vlog 1 - bunny❤️�✨�
Enchanted - S1- Ep1
bunny - stay cool honey (Official Audio)
bunny - pump (Official Audio)
bunny - I love you, you are so cute (Official Audio)
bunny - home (Official Audio)
I’m a Instagram influencer❤️��
bunny - coronavirus (isivulu) (Official Audio)
bunny - bunny-pop (Official video)
bored vlog❤️⭐️
bunny - beauty perfection (Official video)
bunny feat Lil oddie - DFWU ( OFFICIAL AUDIO)
bunny - feels like (some days I feel) (Official Audio)
bunny - truth hurts (Official Audio)
Random video| vlog 2❤️�☺️��❤️.
bunny - Gucci go gangs�❤️ (official audio)
bunny - complicated (Official Music video)
bunny - 2011 (official Audio)
bunny - I'm royal �(Official Audio) prod by bunny
bunny - do you love me? (Official Audio)
bunny - vlog 1
Banele Mlungu - new bitch - Banele Mlungu - Algorithmic Boost Request - 3000000 #YTBoostRequest
bunny - this is banele (Official Audio)
bunny - summertime beach (official audio)
bunny - catchy (music video)
bunny - IDGAF (official audio)
When you try to get a new phone and your mom doesn’t allow you to buy it
bunny - gang sh!t (Audio) (4t)
bunny - new love (Audio)
bunny - LGBTQ+�️‍� (music video) © 2020 produce by bunny
bunny - workoholic (official audio)
Sexy choreography - bunny - all I ever need by Austin mahone
bunny - cure (music video)
bunny - intentions (official audio)
bunny - f**ck the visual love (official video)
New song teaser trailer
Gadeejah Season 1 - episode 1
bunny - was there for ya (official audio)
bunny - hottiana (official video)
Sexy bunny
bunny - break up sh**t
bunny - I’m the one (Audio)
bunny - revenge for this love (official Audio)
bunny - creepy combination (album video)
bunny - swag (music video)
bunny - I'm the ghost town monster (Alternative music video)
bunny - Valentines Day (Audio)
bunny - I can't get enough anymore x do you know (music video) (c) 2020
bunny - DFCUPTM (Audio)
bunny - I'm the boss (Audio)
bunny - F.U.B (Audio)
bunny - dangerous love (Audio)
bunny - somedays (Audio)
bunny - nobody can stop me now (Audio)
Keeping up with bunny s1 - ep1 #reality #vevo #youtubecreators
bunny - your game is over (Official Audio) #Deep
bunny - dangerous darkness love (Audio)#Deep
Meeting mommy
bunny - 1935 vibes❤️(Audio)
bunny - diss track bad YouTubers Feat spidey boi odwa (Audio)
I got nothing to do guys����
My first fashion haul - I tried my best❤️��
bunny - just freaking do it (Audio)
bunny - do you know (Audio)
bunny - 2019 love❤️ (Audio)#lovesongs
I'm playing extra lives���❤️#gaming
bunny - LGBTQ+�️‍� (Audio)
Banele mlungu show - season 1 episode 1
bunny - my love is wild (better be careful) Audio
bunny - R.I.P 2017
bunny - Shadow Love (Audio)
Please follow me on Instagram @ohkaybanele ❤️��please�
bunny - cash flow (porn) [official Audio]
I'm feeling down
bunny - I can't get enough anymore (Official Audio)
bunny - Dead Dutchman � �.
Thank you everyone for everything you put on to my channel please keep on doing it I'm really glad❤
bunny - but you want me to be cool (music video)
bunny Live Stream
bunny - love the drugs
bunny - Halloween dreams (Audio)
bunny - holla on the beat [audio]
Bunny - why you got to be so innocent (music video)
Great news
Bunny - I don't want to play [audio]
Bunny - my journey of my life (Audio)
bunny - craving for a new school [Audio]
Super weird����✨��
Q&A - bunny�
Banele Mlungu - my sister���♥️�(trailer)
bunny - but you want me to be cool
bunny - ex
Banele's Life - season 1 episode1
Bunny - hoes
My car��❤
Zack - slay family✌️�
Zack - I don't want to waste no time(audio)
zack - monster
banele banter[ep4]
zack - Dedicated
zack - so much more than friends at school(audio)
singing along
[banele banter] [ep2]
zack - don't give up
zack - Do not mess with me
zack - show the way you are[audio video]
zack - simple
zack - tell me I'm right
zack - I got you
zack - we still young and growing up
zack - cause we teens
zack - love and care each other[ music video]
banele banter [ep2]
Banele Banter (ep2)
zack-I felt like no work
zack-love in my heart
banele Banter [Ep1]
Johan Desai-[ under control]


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