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ACP-EU Culture Programme – Southern Africa
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The Sound Connects Fund (SCF) is a multifaceted initiative that aimed to accelerate development and increase the capacity of the cultural and creative sectors in Southern Africa by offering financial support in the form of different sized grants and comprehensive capacity-building programmes to eligible creative and cultural industry organisations based in Angola, Botswana, eSwatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe; and operating in the performing arts, animation, film, gaming,  photography, videography and visual arts sectors. 


The Sound Connects Fund supported projects and activities that facilitate the rapid production and distribution of high-quality goods within and outside the region, increasing capacities among professionals, supporting rapid mobility and exchange among creators, enhancing access to new markets, developing visual literacy (especially among underrepresented groups), promoting advocacy aimed at protecting the interests of creators and supporting the existence of sustainable financing structures.

The Sound Connects Fund was made possible with funding from the ACP-EU Culture programme, a project implemented by the Organisation of the African, Caribbean and Pacific  States (OACPS) and funded by the European Union (EU). No further grants are available.


The Sound Connects Fund (SCF) recently convened a gathering of cultural and creative industry (CCI) experts from across Southern Africa for a week...

The ACP-EU Culture Programme recently published a new study titled Shaping Futures: Arts, Culture and Education as Drivers of Sustainable Development

Music professionals, artists and media representatives gathered at AMPD Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the launch of the second edition of CollaboNation, a project that was supported...

African artists are invited to submit applications for the second edition of the CollaboNation grant in eSwatini.

Cultural practitioners and creatives from Southern Africa will gather in Maputo, Mozambique, for the Sound Connects Conference from the 31 January to 2 February 2024.

Music connects us

It is clear that in southern Africa’s vibrant cultural sector, music is a significant force that connects and coexists within a wide range of art forms, in some instances playing a central role in fields such as dance, theatre, video, gaming, film, fashion and related industries. Proposals for grants will therefore be challenged to look at sound not only in relation to music but also in related sectors such as sound in videogames and animation films, sound in audio-visual arts, sound as a supporting aspect of the fashion industry (e.g. fashion shows) and sound in the digital creative sector.


Project Manager (Goethe-Institut)
Artist and Director
Founder of the Festival Institute
Political Analyst and Writer
Visual Artist and Arts Manager
Vocalist, Art Educator and Cultural Activist
Director - MIAF (South Africa)