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Lucy Ilado is a Kenyan based music journalist and cultural activist. Currently, she is the content editor for Music In Africa's East African regional office.

She endeavors to publish stories that will entertain and educate her readers with the intention that they might help change the lives and careers of African musicians.


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The case had "no political mileage" and therefore was of no interest to the government.

The Court of Appeal in Uganda has revoked a 50 million Ugandan shilling ($13 500) compensation previously awarded to the late George Wilberforce Kakoma for composing the Ugandan national anthem in...

RIP Johnny Clegg. Thank you for the music.

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This is part 2 of The Big Loui Lvndn Interview. Read part 1 here .
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Loui Lvndn is the kind of charismatic guy who could get into persuasive oratory, like political spinning, speech writing and populist demagoguery, if he so wishes. He could command a room of fence...

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