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Tofa Jaxx, a rising singer-songwriter and captivating live performer hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Tanzania. His warm but shy nature hides a big talent. His music is a mix of Soul, RnB, Afro Fusion, Bongo Flava, Pop and Jazz. His journey as an artist began to blossom in 2015 during his college years when he fearlessly took on the international singing competition "Airtel Trace Star," securing an impressive fourth place. Driven by an unyielding passion for music, Tofa made the courageous decision to depart from his IT studies and wholeheartedly pursue his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.

Early on, he honed his craft by immersing himself in a 4-day musician's boot-camp at the renowned Red Monkey Hotel in Zanzibar. This pivotal experience provided the launching pad for his artistic career, followed by captivating live performances in Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam that further solidified his reputation.

In 2016, Tofa had the extraordinary opportunity to open for Grammy-winning artist Joss Stone during one of her "The Total World Tour" concerts in Zanzibar. He also shared the stage with the Dhow Countries Music Academy band at the prestigious "Zanzibar Film Festival," one of East Africa's largest cultural events.

Tofa's talents were recognized on a global scale when the GOETHE Institute headquarters in Munich handpicked him as one of only eight artists from around the world to participate in a Musician's Bootcamp in Berlin, Germany. This exclusive event, coordinated by "Music Board Berlin" for the Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs, further fueled his musical growth.

His initial release "I Want You" (Produced by Victor The Traveler) garnered widespread acclaim and earned a nomination for Best RnB and Soul Song from an East African Artist by AFRIMA ( in 2017. Building on this success, he went on to release two more captivating tracks that same year, "A Guy Like Me" and "Puff Puff," both available on all major digital platforms.

In the years that followed, Tofa's musical journey reached new heights. During his time in London from September 2017 to February 2018, he collaborated with talented musicians, producers, and artists, including the Dance/Electronic Producer Duo Tru Fonix, Tara Priya, and D.Knights, resulting in the creation of his single "Go Away," also available on all digital platforms.

In more recent times, from 2020 to the present year of 2023, Tofa has mesmerized audiences with his 7-track EP "Middle 8" and his first official music video "MINE," along with the enthralling soundtrack "Changed The Game" for the Tanzanian action film "Nyara."

Tofa's musical endeavors have extended beyond borders, as evidenced by his powerful soundtrack "Mozizi" for the award-winning animated film "Mozizi," produced by Tanzania's esteemed film house, Kijiweni Productions, as part of an Antimalaria campaign by Red Cross.

Notably, Tofa's dedication to making a positive impact is evident in his poignant single "Restart," accompanied by an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. The proceeds from this song were generously donated to an HIV research center in Tanzania in partnership with the Spanish Embassy in Dar Es Salaam.

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Tofa Jaxx - Lonely (Lyric Video)
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Tofa Jaxx - Sema (Official Video)
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Tofa Jaxx - Restart (Official Video)
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Tofa Jaxx - Lonely (Lyric Video)
Tofa Jaxx - Sema (Official Video)
Tofa Jaxx - Restart (Official Video)
Tofa Jaxx - Umenikaa (Official Music Video)
Umenikaa - Tofa Jaxx
Tofa Jaxx - Good Heart (LYRIC VIDEO)
1. Saturday
3. Patience
7. Go Away
5. Hurting U
4.When I'm Sober
Tofa Jaxx Live Stream
BTS Tofa Jaxx "Go Away" cover art shoot.
Topher Jaxx - A Guy Like Me (Acoustic)
Tofa Jaxx - A Guy Like Me [ Official Lyric Video]


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