Kerr Gi Family


Known to be one of seneGambia's most gifted musical groups, Kerr Gi Family has been transforming the levels of Gambian music into a fusion of cultural and modern exibition of pure natural talent, to the delight of every lover of music, thanks to their skills, proffesionalism, commitment and optimum maturity.

Formed on the 26th march 2009, the group is made up of three bright yougsters by the names Muhammed Cham (Poliman),

and Ababacar Cham (DMB), each with diverse musical skills completing a circle of the best of combinations.
The team began their journey into the gambian music indust
ry after the release of their first song, (name of song) in (year). From that landmark, all their songs have been hit songs, most respecfully Aljana. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed as they were awarded the best group in the WMA 2016 and the best afro fusion group in 2017.

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