Music In Africa Connects

Music In Africa Connects
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Supporting music within conflicted countries

Working with five strategic implementation partners in Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Nigeria and Niger, the project offered mobility support to musicians to tour locally and regionally. Financial support was also given to music festivals in different countries to programme and provide mobility and exposure to artists whose movement and growth has been significantly limited by ongoing restrictions in their own countries.


The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) is pleased to launch the regional leg of its mobility programme, which will...

The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) has announced that a number of mobility programme recipients have now embarked...

The Festival sur le Niger Foundation recently organised a training workshop in Mali as part of the Music In Africa Connects (MIAConnects) project.

Facilitating artist exchange and mobility

Artists all over the world face mobility challenges on a regular basis. MIAConnects provided financial support to over 150 artists to exchange, travel and perform within their own countries, regionally and internationally (in Europe). This support was available in seven countries: Chad, Mali, Niger, Northern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.