Artist Bio Modal close icon REENFLY results from the fusion of two mythical groups of Keur Massar in the suburbs of Dakar in Senegal in West Africa, namely REENU RAP (roots of rap, created in 2004) and FLYNOF (escape to free oneself) , created February 24, 2011 to give REENFLY which means simply ENRACIMENT and OPENING. Rooted in our African cultures to better open to the world through music.

It was during a concert in Keur Massar, on the occasion of the 2011 edition of the music festival, that ETHIOU BROWN, BILLY OW, BRIL-G, FADEL and ZIKO HATAFAYA decided to carry out their joint project under the direction of their manager, Stan, also founder and member of REENFLY to hoist the flag of rap keur massarois while leaving very long to account. Project that resulted in the creation of a recording studio called RUKKU-RECORDS, which should begin simultaneously in a management structure that is full of not only rappers, singers but also other actors of the hip-hop movement and around Keur Massarois, as creative as each other.

It must be said that before this connection, REENU RAP and FLYNOF had been discovered, were appreciated and had naturally started their work during a concert in the fortress of REENU RAP.

Although evolving in the subway, Reenfly is very ambitious and does not intend to stop there, and always wants to excel and improve. Indeed, REENFLY released his mixtape entitled "NEW BLOOD" on June 29, 2013 generated by his own studio RUKKU-RECORDS MUSIC in collaboration with DIEGUI RAILS STUDIO.

Finalist of the last HIP-HOP DISCOVER edition of JOLOF4LIFE in 2011, finalist in the 2013 FLOW UP competition organized by the association and AFRICULTURBAINE. The mixtape titled "NEW BLOOD" is nominated at the TOP AWARDS of the radio REWMI FM in the category "BEST MIXTAPE" in 2013, REENFLY had to mark many scenes of rap most illustrative are the Festa 2H in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and music festival in 2011, the 72H in 2011, the 30s of HIP-HOP SENEGALAIS among others. In 2017, REENFLY releases its first international album entitled "RESPECT" which is named in the GALSEN HIP-HOP AWARDS in the category "BEST ALBUM" and "BEST FEATURING". Now in 2020 REENFLY plans to release his 2nd album


SNDakar, Senegal
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Stanislas Oumar SANE dit STAN

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