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Mabrino Drumboyz is South African Afro-house, dance music duo hailing from Bolobedu. The duo consists of a Percussionist/ Producer, Brian Malefofane and a DJ, producer and vocalist.

Mabrino Drumboyz pride themselves in the authenticity of their message, which is to teach the world about African culture and it’s heritage. Mabrino Drumboyz is driven by African sounds hence they infusion urban sounds with African music elements.

They believe that the preservation of African culture and heritage has become more important now than ever before, given the fast paced technological world (4IR-forth industrial revolution) we live in. The youth has forgotten where they come from as Africans. Our music aims to educate the youth of South Africa and emphasize the role that African music plays in the preservation of African Culture and Heritage.

Modernisation, is continuously eroding the roots of the African culture by digitising the African musical instruments and voices, which are the core of what African music is. Mabrino Drumboyz aims to encourage the youth to embrace their African culture, whether it is by playing of traditional instruments, singing in African languages, or dressing in authentic African attire in the modern music industry.

Mabrino DrumBoyz was Formed in 2018 and have released three singles; “Meropa le ditshipi” in April 2020 and “Naka Ya Mokhure” in July 2020 and “Makoma” in November 2020. In 2021 they have collaborated with SEMA & LIMA award winning sensation Motlanalo on a single released in July 2021called "Pula".

They have performed in big events like the Bolobedu Get Together, Bolobedu Social Experience, and many events in Tzaneen and Phalaborwa in 2020. They have performed in cultural festivals in Limpopo including the "Maruleng Cultural Fest" which was held in Polokwane in 2021.

They have conducted interviews on many Radio Stations and TV interview in Southern Africa. Short videos of recent performances are available on the social media pages listed for your reference.

Their music is registered with SAMRO & RISA:
Title: Meropa le ditshipi ISRC: ZA-35V-20-00001
Title: Naka Ya Mokhure ISRC: ZA-35V-20-00002
Title: Makoma ISRC: ZA-35V-20-00003
Title: Pula: ISRC: ZA-35V-21-00004


Track artwork
Mabrino Drumboyz
Ngiyabuya (Original Mix)
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Mabrino Drumboyz live #makoma #Meropaleditshipi #naka_ya_mokhure
Mabrino Drumboyz live
Mabrino Drumboyz on Cullinan Television 27 April 2021


Track artwork
Mabrino Drumboyz
Ngiyabuya (Original Mix)


Mabrino Drumboyz live at Waterland Polokwane - January 2022
Mabrino Drumboyz live at Cape Times Heritage Day Celebration 2021
A Woman's Cry ft. Motlanalo Coming soon...
Mabrino Drumboyz live at City Jones Business Centre - Mphenama
Mabrino Drumboyz live in Polokwane at the KaMaruleng Cultural Fest
Mabrino Drumboyz on Cullinan Television 27 April 2021
Mabrino Drumboyz live #makoma #Meropaleditshipi #naka_ya_mokhure
Mabrino Drumboyz at Limpopo TV
Live at Moshate Lifestyle
Mabrino Drumboyz Heritage Day 2020
Mabrino Drumboyz live
Mabrino Drumboyz live
#Makoma #makomadancechallenge
#makomadancechallenge #Mabrinodrumboyz
Makoma live performance
ZAPretoria, South Africa
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