Zii is Zimbabwean hip-hop artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He was born in Harare and moved to Australia to pursue his IT studies. He holds a Masters in IT with Monash University. His love for music began in 2007, swiftly progressing to live performances by 2008. When he was teenager, he would listen to music such that he could fall asleep by the speaker. While at school, he was part of the choir and this prompted him to start rapping at an early age.

At 19, he and a childhood friend named Rodwell started his company. They also came up with the idea of starting a hip-hop group called Homebase. The twosome began making their first songs in his bedroom in front of a makeshift studio wall made of a mattress. Their debut recording was for a girl he was in the process of breaking up with. He hoped the song would make her stay.

In 2015, he partnered with rising star Ceeko (South Africa), poet Tariro Mavondo (Zimbabwe) and Sifaniso Bophela (South Africa) to produce a single titled ‘This is AfriKa’. The single was released on 25 May 2015 (Africa Day) through his new label ZIIMUSIC.


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This Is AfriKa
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Zii Music
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