William Last KRM


William Last KRM is a musician and comedian from South Africa.


Keith Sweat - Twisted (Parody)
Last Words
Motsetse Snippet!!!
What Do You Call...?? Aht! Aht! Aht!
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Beatbox Parody (Peanut Butter)
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How Different Countries Shoot Love Songs VS Me
William Last KRM ft. Dato Seiko & Fella- How It Feels (Official Music Video) DirectorMo
How Receptionists Register at a Supermarket entrance
Soweto Gospel Choir - Hosanna (Comedy)
William Last KRM_Menemene (parody)
BTC Internet
Fela In Versace Parody (Tshasa In The Kitchen)
When The Cat Got You Good!!!
Never Touch Your Darling's Phone!!!!
William Last KRM_Tinto (Official Music Video) Director Mo
Dee'z Twins ft. William Last KRM_Ngeke (Official Music Video)
Willimbi Addresses!!!!
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Stop Slamming My Door!!!!
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Nomcebo Zikode - Xola Moya Wami (parody)
William Last KRM_Tinto (Official Audio)
Album on 95%
Sundays Churches Be Like!!
How To A White Man Changes a Diaper VS How I Change A Diaper
When You Want To Be A Cadet and Find William as The General
William Last_Meooowww freestyle (Young MA_Ooouuu cover) Ooouuu Parody
Getting Pulled Over During Lockdown Be Like!!!
How Other Men React To A Prank VS How I React!!!!
How Different Men Buy Condoms
Trouble Child!!!!
Weddings Be Like.....!!!
William Talking Salt and Vinegar
William Talking The Bulb World UVC Technology
Somebody Give William a Role!!!
Lockdown Is Stressing!!!
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Prayer VS Corona Virus!!!
Valencia talking 03 Water
William Last KRM_Use Me (prod. YungFella)
When you suspect you might have Corona Virus!!!
Do It For The Baby Ep2
How To Order Pizza In Botswana�
William Last X Dj Citi Slicker_ Betta So ����
Mo Ke Botswana Mo (This is America cover)
William Last KRM_Gao Romantic (Akulaleki Cover) Director Mo
Valentine Theme Song
Motsetserepa is a Poet all of a sudden�
William Last as WWE Superstar�
Do It For The Baby Ep03
Cheri Kwa
Traditional Gay Doctor
Motsetserepa talking BTC Mobile
Steers Mega Ribster
Do It For The Baby (by Director Mo)
Facial expressions
ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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