Waliko Makhala


Waliko Makhala is homegrown traditional musician from Mzimba, Malawi. He is a highly respected ethnomusicologist, renowned guitarist and vocalist. He is an expert in playing instruments such as the Bangwe, Sansi, Kaligo and Mkangala. Waliko taught himself how to play music instruments. His interest in ethnology-musicology started in 1986 when he was part of a team that was conducting a research on the country's traditional music instruments for the department of cultural Aafairs.

Apart from singing, he is an ethnomusicologist, researcher, actor and radio producer. He is a graduate from Zimbabwe College of Music. During his time in college, Walilo spent much time comparing Malawian Sela music and that of Zimbabwean Manyika people. He is also a chief producer for TV Malawi and is a part of the Deep Roots Malawi production team. Before joining TV Malawi, he worked as a professional ethnomusicologist for the country's department of cultural affairs from 1986 to1999.

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Waliko Makhala Makhala