Vuyelwa Moyo


Vuyelwa Moyo is an artist from Zimbabwe.

She graduated from Great Zimbabwe University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Education Honours degree. She also has a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in music with Rhodes University (2020). As of 2020, she was studying a Masters in Music at Rhodes University (Ethnomusicology).

In 2019, she presented a paper at the SASRIM conference as part of a podcast roduction, called Afro Loops, which talks about African instruments. Her episode is about the nyunga nyunga mbira.

Vuyelwa is an aspiring advocate for African Music studies. Vuyelwa was taught how to play other African Instruments from International Library of African Music. She was taught how to play mbira dzavadzimu/Nhare and the hosho.

ZWBulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Vuyelwa O'Lacy Moyo