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Upendo Manase is an African traditional solo artist . She started singing when she was still very young in the church choir where she learnt the skills of singing. She is a graduate of Music Training Certificate; she was honored in March 2016 after completing a 2-year Music Programme at Music Mayday Training Center in Dar es Salaam.

Also she has been studying Teachers training course with Global Music Action in Ethiopia as a professional vocal trainer for two years, with affiliation from German government. She is also a vocal teacher at Action Music Academy, under a Global Music Academy. As Music Teacher, she decided also to take some basic music instruments lessons, and at the same time she managed to complete her first music album,.The album is the final stages of technical review before being released, and she was then featured in so many songs.

After completing her music studies, she performed in several concerts with different musicians as a back and main vocalist including “End of the year 2016 Concert” at King Solomon Hall, Swahili Music Festival, Wednesday Music Smash, Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar, Doadoa Showcase in Uganda, Bayimba festival in Uganda, Jumping Village in Brussels Belgium, Diani Festival in Kenya, Sauti za Busara, in Zanzibar (as back vocal), Kenako festival in Germany, Friland festival in Denmark and Fest Africa in Finland.

After all these skills and experiences she is now working as a solo artist doing Afro fusion music. Furthermore, her dream is to go further as an African traditional female solo artist and to make this kind of music grow more in African societies, hence enhancing African cultures. She still expects to broaden her music vision to reach, not only locals, but being known and recognized globally.

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Upendo Manase

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