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Thuntsha Dithole is a singer, composer, scriptwriter and music coach from Gaborone, Botswana.

Dithole works as a music logistics manager of Ngwao Publishers - a company that deals with music logistics, global business, community projects and distributors. She has released albums such as 'Vision', 'Ga Kobokwe' and 'Thuntsha Dithole Le Moruti'.

Also a radio personality, she is the a founder of Ngwao Le Mmino Trust and Citizen World Magazine. She operates various SMME businesses and an events management company called Ngwao Adventure.

Besides music, she is a professional entrepreneurship developer and cultural mentor.


Ngwao Publishers hosts African women,economics and Investments workshop on 27 April,in Mochudi,Botswana,Southern Africa.

The workshop is focused on ;
African women initiatives
African women talents
African women,business and families

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Your music shall be loaded for free to be accessed by our SADCC musical audience.

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Talent Consultancy Job
Create events concepts whereby we repair the retired events to prolong their economic sustainability.
Re construction of your existing artworks.

Music Agency Opportunities
Ngwao Publishers untap new music opportunity for you in Botswana market.
We offer you an opportunity to courrier your music through our office.
We commit to assist your music access to Botswana media houses.


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January 8, 2017
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