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Dithole is a culture musician, diverse songwriter, vocalist, lyricist, performing artist, poet, author, African creative storyteller from Botswana.

She has managed festivals and other events, and diverse project creations. Dithole is also a music executive director, digital marketer and trainer, content creator/director, life & talent coach and serial African entrepreneur.

Creative executive profession

Music Executive Director/Talent And Marketing Logistics Director at Ngwao Publishers. She hails from Botswana, Southern Africa, also a Musician composer, songwriter, lyricist, lead and backing vocalist, music coach, and motivational speaker. She is an African Author, radio personality, Poet,Cultural Advocate. Mentor and Investments, Entrepreneurship Developer, Business Mentor, Project Creator..She is also a Chairperson of the Chobe Arts Foundation and Ngwao Le Mmino Trust.

Thuntsha Dithole works as a Talent, Investments and marketing logistics director at Ngwao Publishers - a company that deals with talent nurturing, management, marketing, distribution, and publishing. the global music business, royalty administration, registration, diversification of musicians portfolios, community projects, and distributors. Currently, Ngwao Publishers is managing artists from countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Senegal, Togo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.


We will much appreciate business collaborations from within the continent since we believe that Africa should be developed by Africans.We should not always wait for affirmation from outside that is very wrong.Thanking you in advance.

Thuntsha Dithole Live Band will be performing live at Chobe District, Thebe River Lodge for our international tourists.Ensure you become of the audience,see you there.We thank you in advance.

We just introduced our music live performance on our traditional music and believe such is an achievement that will break the barriers between our local market and global market space and harmonies our accessibility to the foreign music market.

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Thuntsha Dithole a born an Artists Director will start mentoring free entrepreneurship as well as culture future entrepreneurs, and creative entrepreneurs in about 14 countries in Africa including South Africa, Nigeria,Kenya, Ghana,Botswana, etc



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