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Tedd Josiah (born 1970) started as a musician, first briefly with the group Ebony Affair before forming a new group, Hart in 1993. The group was disbanded in 1995 and Josiah joined Sync Sound Studios as a producer. In 1999 he left Sync Sound Studios and formed Audio Vault Studios. It was renamed to Blu Zebra in 2002.

He is credited for producing compilation albums called 'Kenyan, The First Chapter' and 'Kenyan, The Second Chapter'. The two albums featured Hardstone, Kalamashaka, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Necessary Noize, In-Tu, Jimmy Gathu, Maina Kageni, Pete Odera, Ndarling P and Ugandan musician Kawesa.

Josiah is also the founder of Kisima Awards, the premier annual musical awards held in Kenya. He was awarded the Producer of the Year award at the Kisima Awards in 2004, but he rejected it citing his position as an organizer of the awards. Next year he resigned from its organizing committee.

Like most studios in Kenya, Blu Zebra had a fixed producer and it operated also as a record label. Blu Zebra continues to be one of leading Kenyan production houses/record labels, alongside Mandugu Digital, Ogopa DJs, Calif Records, Homeboyz, Jomino among others.
Tedd Josiah has worked with many of the most popular Kenyan performers like Poxi Presha, Suzzana Owiyo, Achieng' Abura, Abbi, and Didge among others.

During the 2007 General Elections, Josiah campaigned for ODM and its presidential candidate Raila Odinga. During the post-election crisis following the disputed election results Josiah felt his life threatened and moved to London in 2008.

Tedd returned to Kenya in 2012 and started a new studio, S3 Sand Stone Studio, with which he now operates.

KENairobi, Kenya
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Tedd Josiah
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