Tausi Women's Taarab


Zanzibar's all-female Tausi Taarab orchestra was formed in 2009 and presents classical style music in the tradition of some of Zanzibar's strongest women. Dating back to the 1920s when Siti Bint Saad who is widely recognized as the “mother of taarab” recorded a large catalogue of Swahili songs, many talented women composers and singers have contributed to the development of Zanzibar's most famous music style.

Over time, other women's taarab groups existed (such as Ikwani Safaa Musical Club, Nuru el Ayoun, Sahib el Ary, Royal Air Force and Navy groups) that were especially strong during the 1960s. However, in those days even in the “women's groups”, it was always the men who played the instruments.

Tausi Taarab is an all-female orchestra where all instruments are played by women, accompanying women singers and performing songs composed by women. Since the group’s inception they have been invited to perform at various functions of the EU, the UN, the opening of the “Women’s Decade 2010-2020”, The African Union, the Ministry of Education in Zanzibar, Zanzibar International Film Festival, Bagamoyo Cultural Festival


TZZanzibar, Tanzania
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