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Talent Africa is a leading 360 entertainment company in East Africa. Firmly at the forefront of the booming entertainment sector in the region, Talent Africa operates within a multi-platform, multi-purpose 360 scope of services that includes talent management, booking agency, events management, promotion, record label, audio production, video production, public relations and advertising.

The company first came to being in 2007 as Talent 256 International, engaging in event promotion, artist management and booking agency. In 2010 the company re-branded to Talent Africa due to the continental demand for the company’s services.

The company also runs state of the art recording facility operated by Head Producer and Sound Engineer Sam Lamara aka Samurae. Talent Africa studios is the chosen studio for artists such as Navio, Klear Kut, Mith, Peter Miles, Lilian Mbabazi, Airportaxi, P Unit, Baboon Forest Entertainment, Keko, Jackie Chandiru, Cindy Sanyu, Brenda Nambi, Richy, Atlas, STL, Madtraxx, AY and so many others. They have also worked on numerous international projects that feature Demarco, Mr. Chicken, RDX, Fefe Dobson, D Black, Khuli Chana and many others.

They produce a wide spectrum of music including Hip Hop, R&B, House, Dancehall and Reggae.

As a record label their music is distributed to all media houses in East Africa and numerous radio and TV stations in Africa and beyond.

UGKampala, Uganda
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Talent Africa Studio
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