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Suzanne Gachukia is a well known entrepreneur in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Over the last twenty five years, Suzanne has gained a reputation as a well disciplined and creative thinker, with a proven ability to design and implement strategic plans and budgets for creative work, communication and advocacy campaigns, as well as a proven track record in project and event management.

She is an accomplished composer, musician, performer and producer of over 300 works in audio and film including: Documentaries, TV commercials, songs, musicals, jingles in all genres – pop, traditional, African contemporary, jazz, and choral, among others. Her career in entertainment began with the launch in 1985 of the all-female music group Musikly Speaking, which she founded.

Musikly Speaking released such hits as ‘Jamriambo’, ‘Nyumba’, and ‘Tweyanze’ – songs that drew from traditional repertoire and fused these influences with a modern pop feel. From 1995, as a composer and band leader of Zannaziki, she has released three albums and a slew of singles that again have helped shape the Kenyan popular music identity over the last nineteen years.

Her albums include 'Midnight after Dark' (2007), 'Xawadi' (2001), 'Tamu Tamu' (1999), 'Nipe Nikupe' (1995) among others.


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Suzanne Gachukia
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