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The theatre begins its life in the minds and imagination of individuals and groups rooted in a particular place and time. The local community hall or school hall becomes the place where aspirant individuals and group of individuals can meet to begin the workshop and rehearse their ideas and work towards the development of a final production. These separate the individuals begin to forge a collective, a group vision and a community of collaboration and participation, is usually integral to the forming of a final theatre presentation.

The first audience is usually drawn from the immediate neighbourhood, the students at the local schools, friends and family. They are key in providing a platform which is the basis upon which the community group will be launched onto other platforms, beyond the immediate neighbourhood. This is where Soweto Theatre then fits in. The venue aims to provide a platform, a professional stage, to allow new emerging talent to be exposed to the boarder public eye and to grow in confidence and ambition. All of these are interdependent elements of the performing arts - and each component needs to play its part in the development of new theatre in this wonderful city.


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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Soweto Theatre
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