South Sudan Artists Association (SSAA)


South Sudan Artists Association (SSAA) is a non- profit making organization found in 2003 with the aim of promoting youth participation in information dissemination and using their abilities to contribute to socio – economic and political developments. Among other foundation missions of SSAA is to encourage the young people through talent nurturing and the use of arts to overcome tribal barriers among communities in southern Sudan. SSAA has in the past partnered with other International non-governmental organizations, government and a number of entities in the corporate sector to create awareness and at the same time promote peace building initiatives and positive thinking among the youth and communities through merging ideas, objects and goals with its partners locally, regionally and globally. Based on the belief of tranquil partnership we have seen the power and abilities of local organizations in promoting implementation capacity within communities and the society as a whole.

Understanding that the role of young people in socio-economic and democratic transformation in southern Sudan has never been so vital; therefore young people have never been involved in decision making process. It is in this regard that SSAA established ways and formation of programs that promote capacity building among the youth to disseminate and share information among their local counterparts as well as with regional and global youth, so as to advocate and lobby for issues affecting young people locally and regionally. The aim and mission of South Sudan Artists Association is to create awareness amongst young people of southern Sudan on matters affecting them on their daily lives.

In the past, and in recognition that many young people around the globe undergo similar conditions within communities they come from and domicile, SSAA has managed to organize exchange programs with other youth regionally to help its members learn from other young people undergoing similar conditions we try to change in our society. Some of such conditions include the rampant deployment of children in conflict in Africa and the lack of employment among other negative issues affecting the youth.

Through building capacity of many young people including vulnerable girls in Southern Sudan, SSAA has been eyed as an eye opener on youth issues. Giving the organization a huge mandate of ensuring awareness is created on numerous matters affecting communities through arts, music, media and other means of communication available within local communities.

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