Somhlolo Day


Held every year on 6 September, Somhlolo Day is national event in Swaziland that which marks the country’s Independence Day celebrations. Somhlolo, (The Mystery) was a name given to Sobhuza I, who was King of the Swazis in the first decades of the 19th century. He moved the center of his power to what is now central Swaziland, consolidating his power and he may therefore be considered as the founder of the country as it is today. As such, Independence Day is also called Somhlolo Day, the occasion when the nation comes together and foreign guests are invited to a spectacular ceremony that showcases Swaziland's unique traditional culture.

Each year there are ceremonies in the Somhlolo Stadium in Lobamba, the Royal capital to celebrate this with the whole nation. Not everyone attends these celebrations but local celebrations are held all over the country as well with plenty of singing and traditional dancing by the Swazi regiments, groups of girls and women.

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Somhlolo Day
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