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Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sheet Music Connection is a music store known for stocking various music stationery novelties and musical instruments. Not only does it stock sheet music, but various selections of music books ranging from contemporary to classical books. The collection features single sheets, choral music, gospel hymns, and hymns for children, compilation of popular songs and albums, individual artists’ compilation and album section of specialized compilations.

Sheet Music Connection was founded by the late Germany national Henry Reuter who in 1933 moved to South Africa together with his mother. When he arrived in the country he had no friends let alone money to earn a living. He began to work in restaurants and was sometime an assistant undertaker for a local funeral parlor. His passion for music and talent as a pianist soon found him in the entertainment world.

In 1987, he decided to 'go it alone' and opened Sandton Music. This, under his guidance has become one of the most respected and reputable music shops in the metropolis.

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Sheet Music Connection
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