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Tettey Halm (born Sampson Halm on 15 November 1991) is a Ghanaian blogger from Osu in Accra.

Halm was raised in Takoradi in the western region. He attended Bethel Methodist Primary & J.H.S in Takoradi and later pursued his tertiary education at Takoradi Technical University with HND in purchasing and supply.

Halm showed his interest for blogging when he was at Fiaseman Senior High as a art student. He began posting videos and songs on his social media pages. Aside blogging, Halm is also a freelance web developer and motion graphics artist who works at with over 60 positive reviews.

In 2017, Sampson Halm launched his official website, an entertainment blog for Ghanaian and Nigerian music. The website has gain popularity not only in Ghana but also Nigeria and across Africa.

Born: Accra, Ghana

Alma mater: Takoradi Technical University

Known for: Entertainment Blogging


GHAccra, Ghana
In operation since: 


Sampson Halm

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