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Tettey Halm (born Sampson Halm on 15 November 1991) is a Ghanaian blogger.

Halm grew up in Takoradi, a city located in the Western Region of Ghana. He received his early education at Bethel Methodist Primary & J.H.S in Takoradi. For his higher education, he enrolled at Takoradi Technical University, where he successfully earned an HND in purchasing and supply.

During his time at Fiaseman Senior High, Halm's passion for blogging became evident as he delved into creating and sharing videos on his social media accounts. However, his talents extended beyond blogging, encompassing freelance web development and the creation of captivating motion graphics. These skills led him to establish a notable presence on, where he has garnered an impressive collection of over 60 positive reviews for his work.

In the year 2017, Sampson Halm introduced the world to his official website, Functioning as an entertainment blog tailored to the musical landscapes of Ghana and Nigeria, the platform rapidly gained traction. Its influence transcended geographical boundaries, making waves not only within Ghana but also resonating with audiences in Nigeria and across the African continent.

Born: Accra, Ghana

Alma mater: Takoradi Technical University

Known for: Entertainment Blogging


GHAccra, Ghana
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Sampson Halm

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