Power FM


Power FM is the leading urban youthful English Contemporary Christian Radio station in Uganda situated in the heart of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Streaming on traditional radio frequency in Uganda and on the internet the world over, Power FM’s global daily listenership reach is currently at over 200,000 and rapidly growing.

Power Fm is an events driven station that has been in existence since 1998 under the Watoto Church Ministries with a vision to be a leading broadcaster and multimedia house that emanates love and inspiration for Uganda and beyond.

With their mission of making Christ known to the ‘15 to 35’ year old ‘un-churched’ English speaking urban youth in Uganda and the world over, Power FM is committed to inspiring, influencing the daily lives of the young people through their exciting, innovative, clean and wholesome entertaining contemporary, relevant programs and events; changing lives and mindsets with the love of Christ.

UGKampala, Uganda
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The Reception
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