Peter Ndlala


Peter Ndlala & Unit 5
An Afro-fusion band comprised of an array of artists based in the Western Cape. This eclectic line-up brings together musicians from diverse musical backgrounds creating sounds that stimulates the mind, body and soul with sensations so satisfying. Peter’s arrangements for the trio and the brass parts are exceptional. The band grooves so hard and Peter is at the heart of it. Laying it down, doubling up on melodies, offering counter melodies and adding integral colors that enhance his beautiful work. Then to top it all, he has this hip band that clearly love and respect his music, play it so well and give freely of their energy while executing some of his ridiculous lines at ease. The band will perform all original material written by the band leader Peter Ndlala.

Below are the members:
• Peter Ndlala – Bass
• Lonwabo Diba Mafani – Piano
• Muneeb Hermans – Trumpet
• Jed Petersen – Tenor Sax
• Carlo Fabe - Drums

ZACape Town, South Africa
In operation since: 

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