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Born Bongiswa Nkazimulo Bhembe, in 23 April 1997, Nkazy is an independent rapper from Esitjeni, Lobamba, a small township located in the kingdom of eSwatini. Born and raised in Esitjeni he attended primary school at Esitjeni Primary School which he completed in 2009 and then he went to Lobamba National High School for his secondary educationwhichhe completed in 2014. He then enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences degree at Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) for which he graduated in 2019.

His musical journey started in 2013 when he was still at high school, when he released a controversial single 'From Emnash' featuring his friend Mic who gave him his stage name 'Nkazy', which is a short form of his middle name. He was signed to Dish Boyz Records between the years 2015 and 2020 where he recorded singles including 'Yola', 'Why Did You Leave', 'Syekeleni' and 'You're the Lord' and an EP titled the Gcwala EP which includes tracks like 'Being an Artist', 'Gcwala', 'No Lies', 'Believe', 'S'layidiwe' and 'Amadoda'.

He has worked with a few remarkable local artist such 'Lisulumane' and 'Aloe Zaro' as well as a few South African Artists such as 'DeComposer'. Other local artist he has worked with include 'Lil Kid', 'Ysushi', 'Red', 'Bradd', 'Silzo', 'Ice Cold', 'Qbase' and 'Stox'.

His music style is a Skhanda type of rap fused with both traditional and modern hip hop. As a versatile artist, Nkazy's raps have been featured in soulful R&B music, Traditional Afrosoul as well as Gospel music, however some of the tracks he's been featured on are have not been released yet.


SZLobamba, Swaziland
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Bongiswa Bhembe

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