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Ngwao Publishers is a music publishing company in Gaborone, Botswana.

The company was founded by Botswana musician Thuntsha Dithole in 2016. Ngwao Publishers deals with global music logistics, distribution, publishing and marketing. It distributes music via digital and traditional means through its website and physical music stores across Africa.

The Ngwao Publishers website allows musicians to publish, distribute and sell their music online where it can be marketed. The company collects revenue on behalf of artists. It sells Botswana, Africa and global fairy tales, short drama stories, kids plays and songs. These can be in form of videos, books, audio files and short films.

Ngwao Publishers is involved in mentoring and evaluation of music and other artworks. Besides selling music online, the company organises various activities such as community events, Africa & global music events, weddings and parties. It also does collaborations, joint ventures, creation of music policies and contracts.


1) To ensure that the African continent is economically growing through its talent. 2) To influence policy formulation and musical structures in Africa. 3) To break through foreign markets and establish long-term supplier and buyer relationships. 4) To commit to contributing and enhancing the growth of the African music sector through the development of music markets and structures.


1) To be the leading media and entertainment brand company in Africa. 2) To be the initiator and innovator of African talent. 3) To be the leading transformer and contributor of Africa talent.


Dream Girl - Majaivane


Maemo Moloi
Hold ft EDMA by Bravo
Ditsala Tsa Basotho
Thuntsha Dithole Le Moruti
Dream Girl - Majaivane


BWGaborone, Botswana
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