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Born and Raised in Addis Ababa, Netsanet Melese is well known for her likable songs such as “Yelal Doju”, “Menew Jale”, “Tew Jegna Belew”, “Betezetaw” and “Fertuna”. These songs have become popular with some of them like "Yilal Doju" blooming up as house hold song during their fruitful days. These songs have a savor delectably relished by many music fans.

Netsanet also, apart from her engagement in the secular music, takes part in spiritual service where she tries to help the Ethiopian Orthodox Church with what her career enables her to contribute. she, for instance, helped raise funds for the construction of Mariam church through a spiritual album she released. Of course, after releasing the spiritual album, her fans were worried that she might break with the secular music industry.

With her comeback to the worldly music after two years, however; her fans cheered up and breathed a sigh of relief. After the two years of disappearance, Netsanet came to light with her single “Bye, bye” which was arranged by Abraham Wolde. The title-song “Bye, bye” has ‘chawo’ as its rough Amharic translation. The Song is about the naturally inevitable phenomenon of separation through death, divorce, and other happenings. The song with its clip, also obliquely eulogizes and says good bye to those who die after making lofty contribution to human beings.

The song is still enjoyed by many music fans and its being played by local radio stations, in bars and other places. The new album has seen the involvement of several talents the likes of whom include Abreham Wolde, Nini Mekonnen, Surafel Abebe, Ephrem Damtew, Samson Taye, Nash, and the Ethiopian Legend artist Aster Awoke who has tried to elevate Netsanet’s album through the contribution of rhythms to 3 songs.


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Netsanet Melese
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