National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA)


The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA), established in 1997, holds an annual national round of events for school-going learners in performance disciplines including music, speech and drama and dance, during which the top candidates in each discipline progress from local rounds to a national competition. In its music section, the Eisteddfod includes choral, indigenous, classical, crossover, stage and contemporary music.

The NEA also has a social development initiative known as the Di Konokono Arts and Culture Festival, which offers participants from previously disadvantaged communities the opportunity to perform in a national festival of the performing arts. The NEA aims to utilize the unique power of the performing arts for enhancing the quality of life, developing human potential and building of confidence and self-esteem in the youth; to unleash the artistic potential of learners (including those with special educational needs) through training and participation in arts activities at their doorstep; and to empower educators through training workshops in the various arts disciplines to prepare learners for participation in the arts.

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