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Nako 2 Nako came together in Arusha in 1998, where they are the leading exponents of a special style of hip-hop particular to the town and widely respected as more 'hard core.' Leading group members include Dar Hustla, Lord Izzi, G-Nako and Bou-Nako. They describe their music as 'street-hiphop,' and thanks to the artists' wordplay and rap skills, combined with the production talents of Ambrose, Chizi n brain, P Funk, Mandugu Digital and Q Studio, their recordings have already achieved cult status. Hip hop dominates the lives of the four-member outfit.

Nako 2 Nako means fist to fist, ilianzia kwenye dojo (swahili meaning 'it started at a martial arts training camp'). N2N is famed throughout East Africa and beyond for their hard-hitting lyrics, dynamism, discipline and finesse.

Albums to date include 'Nakufunika the Mixtape' aka 'Mzuka Hawahemi' and 'Street Hustle volume 1.' Individual members have also produced solo projects including 'Ahsante Dilla-Ibra' (Dar Hustla), 'Mchezo Umekwisha' (Lord Eyes), 'Hali Halisi' (Bou Nako), 'In the Lab' (G-Nako), 'Punchline Kibao' (Ibra Dar Hustla).

TZArusha, Tanzania
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