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Zanzibar–born Mim Suleiman sings Afro-beat mixed with global fusion, mostly in her native language Swahili, with occasional detours into English and other languages such as Fulani.

She sings and writes in English and Swahili (her native tongue) and is currently working on her new album, as well as a collaboration projects with Rafiki Jazz and Bare Knuckle Soul. She also runs workshops that include finding your voice, performing, singing, dancing, harmonizing and song writing and has conducted them at festivals, universities, and schools etc throughout the UK and abroad. Tungi is Mim Suleiman’s debut long-player which has her singing and writing in her native tongue, Swahili. Tungi is a mixture of all things: ultra modern afro beat, rhythm tracks and futuristic pop music. Music for the world, led by the powerhouse that is Mim Suleiman and her lyrics about love and affection, freedom and oppression, unity and everyday life! A mesmerizing and addictive album produced by Maurice Fulton.

Umbeya couldn’t have been produced by anyone else – but rather, Suleiman herself is the undoubted star of the album. This is entirely down to the central role of her Swahili vocals and the way that they playfully complement the traditional Tanzanian percussion playing that features throughout.

She recently performed at the Sondeka Festival in Nairobi.


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POLE POLE by Mim Suleiman 2004


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Mim Suleiman
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