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Milestone Studios is Cape Town's premier recording studio complex. It offers music recording in great acoustic spaces; audio post-production for film and television commercials; ADR, ISDN and Source-Connect; language translation and supervision into all 11 South African official languages; vintage analogue and cutting edge digital equipment; ProTools HD, Logic Pro and Ableton Live; and film scoring by award-winning in-house composers.

Murray Anderson started Milestone Studios with Patrick Lee Thorp and Zayn Adam in 1987 to record demo songs for songwriters contracted to Mountain Records at the time. Anderson later bought out his partners and moved from the Old Castle Brewery building in Woodstock to the UCA Building in central Cape Town. The studio was expanded from a single room and a 24-track tape recorder to three fully-equipped ProTools rooms, one of which had a live recording room capable of recording bands and choirs. This was to be the studio’s home until 2004. Murray Stewart joined Milestone as a partner in 1993 and played a major part in the growth and success of the studio before retiring in 2007. Warrick Sony joined the studios in 2001 and is still actively involved at Milestone, producing music for TV advertisements and films.

At the end of 2004, the building housing the studio premises was bought by a developer and demolished, and a new building was constructed. A section of this new building was purchased, and ex-South African architect Ivan Kadey, now based in Los Angeles, designed a state-of-the-art studio which was built over a period of three years.

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Milestone Studios
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